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Brexit: Why you should travel to London now

After June 2018 it will be not that easy anymore to stay abroad in the UK, as the British government has just decided to exit the EU. And it’s everywhere in the media: Brexit! But what does it mean for your plan doing an internship in London?

Brexit: what will change


Good to know before arriving in NY

"I strongly recommend you to jump into this once in a lifetime experience. I'm enjoying every single minute of it and I am learning like never did before." This is what Paula tells us about her internship in New York. But of course, she has more insider tips for you about living in "Big Apple", that we don't want to withhold from you. Enjoy reading!

Things to know before your travel to New York


From Tenerife to New York City

Vor einem Jahr entschloss sich Paula für ein Praktikum in den USA zu gehen – und jetzt ist sie immer noch dort, in ihrer Traumstadt New York. Ihr Praktikum im Bereich Medien und Projektentwicklung war so erfolgreich, dass sie es sogar noch einmal um 6 Monate verlängert hat! Es sei eine "Investition in die Zukunft"; tolle Einstellung Paula, und viel Spaß weiterhin beim Praktikum!

Paula's Praktikum in den USA


English teaching in the Dominican Republic

After graduating 20 year old Henrik wanted to leave Germany and see the world  – and improve his Spanish! The only thing he knew is that he would like to study to become a teacher. So volunteer travel to the Dominican Republic was not a bad choice at all! He could see how it is to be a teacher while practicing his Spanish!

Henrik as a teacher in the Dominican Republic


2 month internship in Japan

To live in Japan for a while is something special. But to do a 2 month internship in Japan: you can be very proud of yourself! Living in Japan means to overcome cultural and language barriers and to leave your comfort zone! Marcel,25, managed it all par excellence! His 2 month internship in an NPO, which focuses on environmental conservation and a happy community living in harmony with nature, was a big success and an outstanding working experience!

Read more about Marcel's internship in Japan


Marketing internship in Sydney

Discover Australia! This is exactly what Viktoria from Germany wanted to do and did during her internship semester in Australia. She went diving in the Great Barrier Reef, saw Koalas and sharks and went camping in the Outback. On top of that, she had a first-class internship in a Marketing agency, where she could apply her theoretical knowledge to practical experience.

Viktoria's internship in Sydney


2 month internship in London

Bingo! When Laura was looking for an internship in London she hit the Bull's eye: she not only was lucky enough to live in London for a while, she also got a paid internship! All in all an experience she doesn't want to miss.

London: internship and tips


Interview with intern Markus in Barcelona

10 questions to Markus about his internship in Barcelona: his tasks, every day life and favorite things to do!

Interview with Markus


April Mate-Special Australia: Save $100

Sydney, Melbourne or Perth? Apply together with a friend for an internship in Australia and save $100! Enjoy the easy and fun Australian lifestyle while gaining work experience and deepen your language skills. Grab a friend, pack your stuff and off you go! No stress - double the fun!

Internship Australia


5 weeks volunteering in the Dominican Republic

Concluding I can say that this five weeks were way leading, exciting and a great experience which I can highly recommend to every freshly graduate who wants to broaden his or her horizon and is full of zest for action.

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Internship in Germany

Intern in Europe’s economic powerhouse, in it’s innovative capital Berlin.

But the city is by far more than only the capital of Germany: no other place can compromise the different cultures and lifestyles that have settled here. It is an utterly exciting city to live and work.

No wonder Berlin gained a reputation as the hippest place nationwide attracting many international companies. Most of them are located in the city center and opened their office doors to international students like you.

German firms are well-known for their highly regulated business culture and productivity. You will work in a professional environment during your internship and experience a young German pop-culture outside your office doors. An internship in Berlin will boost your international business career.

Become an intern in Berlin

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If you thirst for an unforgettable, life changing experience, our development aid and social projects around the world are just the thing for you. Do you want to make a change in the world? Experience new cultures? Meet new people? All combined with fun and adventure? If so, volunteer travel is the way to go!

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