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London: new internships

New internships available in London, England

London, the British metropolis holds many new internships in different branches and companies. You may work as a designer for corporate giveaways, assist as an admin in property management or help to develop a brand new E-Commerce strategy. Besides, classic internships placements in the fields of sales or marketing are available as well.

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6 months in Cape Town

6 months as an intern in Cape Town, South Africa

Marie about her internship stay in Cape Town: "To conclude, staying abroad in Cape Town was the best decision of my life. I didn’t regret this journey for a second. The City became a second home for me and I even got used to the African calmness. I learned so many new things during my time and grew in so many ways. I will definitely come back!"

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How is Argentina anyways...

Review from a volunteer in Argentina

How is it in Argentina? Volunteer Paul provides us an insight: "I really enjoyed my travels. I lived 3 months in Buenos Aires and I have to say, that accommodation as well as the project were just perfect. I lived in a central part of the city which allowed me to see a lot in Buenos Aires. The house keeper became a close friend and I made friends with the staff of the organization as well. Eventually, I have participated in two projects as a care volunteer for children. The time in the project really helped me to free my mind and realize, how comfortable my life has been. I have made many friends and traveled with them further on. Big up to you guys and I would definitely recommend this project to everybody. Salaudos Paul"

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Vegas, Baby!

Feedback from in our intern in Las Vegas, USA

When he decided to apply for an internship in the USA with us in November last year, he surely didn't have a clue how fast this dream could be turned into reality. Now, that he is already 3 months abroad in Las Vegas, he gave us a short feedback about his time so far. "I am here now for almost 3 months and every day is a special one; leaving aside the fact that I use English for my everyday means of communication."

3 months in Las Vegas


South America: save 50 Euro!

South America Special: Volunteer, study Spanish and save 50 Euro

The better your Spanish language skills the more valuable is your volunteer stay in South America. Hence, we grant a discount of 50 Euro to all volunteer programs in South America including a language course.

South America Special


Internship in Shanghai

An internship in Shanghai, China – Mission possible!

If you have ever dealt with the Chinese culture, you probably stumbled upon the term "Guanxi", which defines the network of personal relationships in China. Also Tobias, a German student of Economic Studies, had to deal with it when looking for an internship in China. He figured, that it is not an easy task and that a little support of an internship agency does make sense. Following, Tobias reports from his 3-months internship in the world metropolis and reveals useful travel advises.

Tobias reports from Shanghai


Being a volunteer in Bali...

A day in the life of a volunteer in Bali, Indonesia

Bali, the island of Gods. The web offers us pictures of beaches, palm trees, hotels and colorful ceremonies. But what are you going to encounter, once you have decided to volunteer in local community? Our volunteers in Bali have been interviewed and report from their daily procedures in the orphanage and the pre-school.

Video: Volunteering in the orphanage in Karangasem

Video: Volunteering in the pre-school in Kerobokan


Travel to Tenerife in May!

Internship at a surf school in Tenerife

If you didn't know, that you can pack your surfboard for traveling to Tenerife, you do know now! Even better; the team of a surf school is looking for motivated and sporty interns who can start to work in MAY 2014, that are eager to support the surf school in their daily activities.

Internship at a surf school in Tenerife, Spain


Volunteer and Surf in Chile

Volunteer and Surf in Chile

Life's better when you surf!

Not only your body and soul benefits from surfing. If you pass on the art of surfing to other people, you will also give them the chance to take advantage of the positive benefits of this sport: Surfing connects, creates friendship, unleashes new feelings of power and strength and thus significantly increases your personal well-being. In Chile, you now have the opportunity to combine volunteering and surfing in different community, educational or conservational projects. 

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Surfing and Diving in Portugal!

Surf and Dive Master Internship Program in Portugal

I need the sea – cause it teaches me!

A dive center located at one of Europe's top surf destinations Peniche offers you a once-in-a-lifetime experience! You can do an internship in three branches such as Surf teaching, diving or general Marketing. You will even live together with the crew and get free dive lessons. Suitable interns are needed ASAP!

Surf and dive internship for 290 Euro? Tell me more!


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If you want to experience something unforgettable, our development aid and social projects around the world are just the thing for you. Do you want to make a change abroad? Experience new cultures, meet new people and combine everything with a lot of fun and adventure. This type of travelling will leave be unforgettable.

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We are offering language courses for students and adults worldwide! The courses are versatile, professional and fulfill the highest standards. Learn the respective language where it is actually spoken. You can improve your language skills, experience a different culture and get to know people from all over the world.