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Volunteer and Surf in Chile

Volunteer and Surf in Chile

Life's better when you surf!

Not only your body and soul benefits from surfing. If you pass on the art of surfing to other people, you will also give them the chance to take advantage of the positive benefits of this sport: Surfing connects, creates friendship, unleashes new feelings of power and strength and thus significantly increases your personal well-being. In Chile, you now have the opportunity to combine volunteering and surfing in different community, educational or conservational projects. 

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Surfing and Diving in Portugal!

Surf and Dive Master Internship Program in Portugal

I need the sea – cause it teaches me!

A dive center located at one of Europe's top surf destinations Peniche offers you a once-in-a-lifetime experience! You can do an internship in three branches such as Surf teaching, diving or general Marketing. You will even live together with the crew and get free dive lessons. Suitable interns are needed ASAP!

Surf and dive internship for 290 Euro? Tell me more!


Farmstay in Canada

Farmstay in Canada – Welcome to the Wild Wild West!

Have you ever dreamed of living the life of a real cowboy or cowgirl horse-riding on your ranch or looking for the harvest on the vineyard? A farmstay is the perfect opportunity to experience a new adventure in Canada's most beautiful and remote rural farms. 

Howdy ho! I want to become a cowboy!


Reporter and Blogger wanted!

WANTED! – Become a Studentsgoabroad Reporter and save 50 Euro

We are looking for a reporter! Take pictures from your first experiences abroad: from your stuffed luggage before your departure, your first delicious snack at your airport of destination or whatever you want to share with the traveler community. We will provide you your own blog and a 50 Euro saving! At the moment we are looking for reporter who travel to volunteer in Nepal or volunteer in Argentina.

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Film production internship in Cape Town

Intern report from South Africa – film production internship in Cape Town

In order to prepare for his film studies, 20-years-old Leander from Germany wanted to gain more professional experiences related to film and media. So he decided to leave his hometown Bremen and headed straight to the vibrant South African metropolis Cape Town, where he spend 6 month as an intern in a well-established film production company. He was involved in 3 productions of TV advertisement and also was directing his own short movie. Her received a great insight into the film business. 

Surf, movies and adventure in Africa


Post from Ecuador!

Review from Ecuador – Volunteering in a school in Quito

Originally Marcel wanted to help at the coastline in a nature conservation project. But without speaking any word spanish, it was not realizable. So Marcel decided to switch his project in volunteering in a school in Quito. He did a great job, the 8 weeks he spent there with projects like rebuilding the children's playground.

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Good vibes from Bali!

Journalism internship at a surf community newspaper in Bali

Jonas successfully completed a 4-month internship at a local surf newspaper, which is utterly popular among local Surf communities. During his stay abroad Jonas didn't only realize, that he is definitely enrolling for sports journalism studies, but also that this internship in Bali was a once in a lifetime opportunity that he would never forget: he had the chance to shape his own surfboard, helped to organize a charity party, did great travels on the weekend around the island and the team even organized a farewell party just for him.

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New Volunteer Programs in Bali

New teaching and conservation volunteer programs in Bali

"The laughter of a kid is the most beautiful sound on earth." Tanja, former volunteer in the orphanage in Karangasem, Bali

Traveling to Bali is more than just heading to a random destination. With every volunteer returning, we are sure that it evokes feelings of warmth nobody has ever encountered before. We thus now offer you more opportunities to volunteer in Bali and discover what all all our former volunteers can't hardly describe in words. If you are interested in animal conservation, you can now become involved in a bird conservation program in Ubud. In addition, if you would like to teach there is now the opportunity to teach international children in an alternative homeschooling program or to give English classes to the orphaned students of a tourism vocational school in Ubud.

Sampai jumpa di Bali!


No placement fees!

Internship in a placement agency in Barcelona

If you always wanted to know what a placement agency is actually doing and how the daily tasks look like, you now have the chance to find it out while working with our partner in Barcelona, Spain. Get an insight into our operational processes in one of the top cities in Spain. Moreover, this internship is free of charge!

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Become a medical volunteer in Ecuador!

Medical volunteer project in a clinic in Quito, Ecuador

If you were always wondering, if you could also help as a medical volunteer somewhere in Ecuador and you would like to support the people in need with health care, this could be your opportunity. A community medical institution is giving medical attention in the field of health to the most vulnerable sectors of the population.

Medical volunteer project in Ecuador



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