Studentsgoabroad provides affordable and trustful volunteer abroad programs, internship abroad programs and language courses abroad. Whatever your motivation or intention to travel the world, we will find the most suitably meaningful journey for your path.

Established in 2007 we have built up a strong and trustful global network of local communities, educational institutions and private organizations, where over 10,000 volunteer and interns could already made difference abroad!

What's new?

My internship in Cape Town

"The Combination out of Public Relations and involvement in social projects seemed very exciting to me." Stefanie decided to do an internship after graduating. She fell instantly in love with South Africa when she was visiting it some years ago - hence her desired destination was found quickly. Off to Cape Town!

Stefanie's internship in Cape Town


My trip to Bali

"I had a big desire to work in a social project to do something good." With this demand Laura decided to come to Bali and support our teaching project in Ubud. Learn more about Laura's experiences in Bali and her daily tasks.

Laura as volunteer in Bali


Travel report Sri Lanka - Part III

The last impressions of Sri Lanka: After a few relaxing days at the beach, the journey continues to Galle and Colombo.


Travel report Sri Lanka


Interview with volunteer Daniel in Ecuador

Volunteering or interning in the field of medicine is always a special challenge. Not only a new culture and language awaits you, but also other prerequisites and tools in the health care facilities. Here you will learn how volunteer Daniel managed to handle these challenges.

Interview with volunteer Daniel in Ecuador


Civil Engineering Internship in New Zealand

You have the choice of either doing an internship or spending a semester abroad? Why not combine both! Jordan had the same thought and decided to go to New Zealand for an internship. Learn more about Jordan and his internship experience in New Zealand!

Jordan's Internship in New Zealand


Review 2016: Ghana – Orphanage Project

The orphanage project in Ghana was according to out partner organization a real success in 2016. With the help of our volunteers many things could be achieved to improve the lives of the local communities. Here you can read the detailed feedback. 

Orphanage Project Ghana 2016


Teaching in Bali

'The people are incredibly sympathetic and helpful, the beaches are fantastic, as are the cities I mentioned above. Of course, my new friends also made the time unforgettable. Ultimately, I would recommend to anyone to visit Bali and participate in any of the projects.'

Celina's stay in Bali


Internship in a jewelry design studio

How good is it to live in an awesome place like Barcelona and even gain real life working experience? Magdalena was lucky to land an internship in a jewelry design company in Barcelona. Now, after 2 months abroad we asked her about her tasks and daily life in Spain's charismatic metropolis.

Madgalena's interview


Travel report Sri Lanka - Part II

From train rides along the tea fields, to national parks and elephants in Sri Lanka, to the beaches of the country and its characteristics.



Travel report Sri Lanka


Review 2016: Ghana - Construction project

Our partner organisation in Ghana gave as a little feedback regarding our projects in Ghana. Within our construction project our volunteers achieved a lot of things in the past year like building a new orphanage. Read more about all the successes they achieved in Ghana.

Construction and Renovation Project Ghana


Work and Travel Abroad

Get inspired!



Internship abroad

Internship abroad

An internship abroad is your ultimate boost for your professional career, your language skills and your personal development. To get the most out of it, your training abroad should be planned thoroughly – especially if you are looking for a trainee position in a specific field that needs to be accredited by your high school or university. We offer high quality service to match your professional skills, personal interests and goals with the requirements of our host companies. We will prepare you for your stay abroad and provide local support while abroad.

Internship in the USA

An internship in the "land of opporunities" is indeed an opportunity, young professionals shouldn't miss, especially if you are looking to work in branches like Consulting, Fashion or Finances.

Internship in the US

Internship in Spain

Vive la vida! Needless to say, Barcelona offers the best conditions to fulfull a life full of joy combined with professional experiences during an internship.

Internship in Spain

Internship in South Africa

Many international companies have settled in Cape Town, to let the beautiful landscape and soul of the mothercity influence their working spirit! During your internship in Cape Town you will find out why you have to love the Cape!

Internship in Cape Town

Internship in Auckland

An internship in New Zealand is a great opportunity to experience an inspiring nature and a professional working experience with value.

Internship in New Zealand

Internship in Singapore

What if we tell you that you don't necessarily need to study on the highest ranking universities, to get a professional internship in Singapore? 

Internship in Singapore

Internship in Jakarta

What else does Indonesia offer, than endless rice paddies, sunny days and good food? Have a closer look at these trainee positions in a well-known Event Manager in Jakarta.

Internship in Indonesia

Our tip: internship in Germany

Intern in Europe’s economic powerhouse, in it’s innovative capital Berlin.

But the city is by far more than only the capital of Germany: no other place can compromise the different cultures and lifestyles that have settled here. It is an utterly exciting city to live and work.

No wonder Berlin gained a reputation as the hippest place nationwide attracting many international companies. Most of them are located in the city center and opened their office doors to international students like you.

German firms are well-known for their highly regulated business culture and productivity. You will work in a professional environment during your internship and experience a young German pop-culture outside your office doors. An internship in Berlin will boost your international business career.

Become an intern in Berlin

Volunteer abroad

Volunteer abroad

Not matter if you are planning a gap year, would like to engage with local communities for your studies and researches or if you would like to make your vacation worthwhile, our volunteer programs give you the best opportunities. We help you to match your skills, motivation and personal character with the right program, to achieve an effective and sustainable volunteering experience for both you and the local communities.

Volunteer in Bali

We offer various programs all over Bali that reach out to the local communities and offer direct support, such as in NGO schools, children home or conservation programs.

Volunteer in Bali

Volunteer in Sri Lanka

What you will experiece as a volunteer in Sri Lanka is beyond sights and landscapes: encourage school kids to improve their English skills or help to conserve marine turtles.

Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Volunteering in the Dominican Republic

Support a well-established NGO to provide education to underpriveleged children. There is no better way to get to know the Caribbean lifestyle and immerse into a colorful culture. 

Volunteer in the Dominican Republic


Volunteer in South Africa

Many NGOs work in Cape Town to activate and support the local communities in the areas of education, empowerment or wildlife conservation.

Volunteer South Africa

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