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Studentsgoabroad provides quality placements in volunteer work, internship programs and language courses abroad. Whatever your motivation or intention to travel the world, we will find the most suitably meaningful journey for your path.

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6 Weeks as English Teacher in the Dominican Republic

During her 6 weeks volunteer work in the Dominican Republic, Nicole experienced a lot. Through working with mentally disabled children she got to know many new teaching methods. While living in a host family she got the chance to improve her English and get the know the local culture and traditions. Learn more about Nicoles experiences.

 Nicole as English Teacher in the Dominican Republic


My 6 Week Stay in South Africa

"My first time in Cape Town would certainly not be my last time!" - Sina just came back from her 6-week stay in South Africa and is really glad that she had the opportunity to go there. Here you can read more about Sina's experiences, her work and the life in Cape Town.

 Sina's stay in Cape Town


Dereks internship in Barcelona

While searching for an internship abroad, Derek had to realize that the search is a lot more difficult than expected. So he decided to contact us and is more than satisfied with this decision. Learn more here about his experiences and what hurdles he had to take.

 Derek's internship in Barcelona


Teaching English in the Dominican Republic

Traveling alone for the very first time? - This is always a big challenge! Aurelia faced this challenge and was 7 weeks as volunteer in the Dominican Republic. Here she tells us about her successes and her experiences with land, work and people during this 7 weeks.

 Aurelia as volunteer in the Dominican Republic


Volunteering in a NGO-School in Bali

Volunteering in Bali?- Sophie make this dream come true and has taught children in an NGO-School in Kerobokan for 2 month. During this time she learned a lot and faced also some . Learn more about Sophie's experience in Bali!

 Sophie's experiences as volunteer in Bali


Volunteering in a hospital in Ghana

Verena always knew that she wants to study medicine one day. This is why she decided to volunteer in a hospital in Ghana for 6 weeks, after she finished high school. There she got the opportunity to gain some first insight into the world of medicine. She also increased her desire to study medicine and to help other people.


Football coaching in Cheng Du

A European football teacher in Cheng Du, not knowing a word of Chinese? Not a problem at all, says Florian. He spent 3 months volunteering as a football coach in a school in central China. Here he talks about his time abroad and the experiences he made – a story of making friends, spicy food and (of course) football!

Florian as football coach in China


Logistic internship in Tauranga, New Zealand

An internship in Marketing, Sales or Financing usually is the first choice for many students who are looking for an internship abroad. But our intern Britta didn't! She was looking for an internship position in logistics. The internship in the port of Tauranga, that we placed here in, was a perfect fit for her: she not only could apply and extend her knowledge, but also was welcomed by a fresh ocean breeze everyday!


Logistic internship in Tauranga


Brexit: Why you should travel to London now

After June 2018 it will be not that easy anymore to stay abroad in the UK, as the British government has just decided to exit the EU. And it’s everywhere in the media: Brexit! But what does it mean for your plan doing an internship in London?

Brexit: what will change


Good to know before arriving in NY

"I strongly recommend you to jump into this once in a lifetime experience. I'm enjoying every single minute of it and I am learning like never did before." This is what Paula tells us about her internship in New York. But of course, she has more insider tips for you about living in "Big Apple", that we don't want to withhold from you. Enjoy reading!

Things to know before your travel to New York




Internship in Germany

Intern in Europe’s economic powerhouse, in it’s innovative capital Berlin.

But the city is by far more than only the capital of Germany: no other place can compromise the different cultures and lifestyles that have settled here. It is an utterly exciting city to live and work.

No wonder Berlin gained a reputation as the hippest place nationwide attracting many international companies. Most of them are located in the city center and opened their office doors to international students like you.

German firms are well-known for their highly regulated business culture and productivity. You will work in a professional environment during your internship and experience a young German pop-culture outside your office doors. An internship in Berlin will boost your international business career.

Become an intern in Berlin

Internships Abroad

We'll organize your internship abroad and support you in every way we can. Our goal is to assure that you get the most out of your internship. We offer high quality service to prepare you for your placement, providing necessary information, facts and answers to any questions you have. We have many highly recommended countries for your internship abroad:

Volunteer Abroad

If you thirst for an unforgettable, life changing experience, our development aid and social projects around the world are just the thing for you. Do you want to make a change in the world? Experience new cultures? Meet new people? All combined with fun and adventure? If so, volunteer travel is the way to go!

Language courses abroad

We are offering language courses for students and adults worldwide! The courses are versatile, professional and fulfill the highest standards. Learn the respective language where it is actually spoken. You can improve your language skills, experience a different culture and get to know people from all over the world.