Travel report Sri Lanka - Part III

The last days in Sri Lanka: Galle and Colombo

After a few relaxing days at the beach we moved on to Galle. The fort in Galle was built by the Dutch, but it was heavily hit by the tsunami in 2004. The mixture of Western and Sri Lankan atmosphere and architecture makes it an unique place to visit in Sri Lanka.

Galle, Sri Lanka
The lighthouse in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

The capital of Sri Lanka: Colombo

Before heading back to Germany, we stopped at our last destination: Colombo. Do not forget the anti-mosquito cream. There is the Independence Square (until 1948 Sri Lanka was British), the Town Hall and the Seema Malaka Temple are located at a lake in the middle of the city.

The food in Sri Lanka

The food in Sri Lanka is super delicious and spicy. For breakfast you will get toast with jam, crepes (filled with a mixture of sugar, coconuts and onions), hopper, roti or also Sri Lankan omelet – and of course lots of fruit. Milk rice is another typical breakfast, especially at New Year's morning. However, it is not sweet as we use to eat it, instead "normal" rice is served with different kinds of curry. At lunch or dinner, there is a plenty of rice dishes in all variations to choose from and of course several curry dishes. A meal costs between 3 and 4 Euro, for Western food you'll have to pay more.

Good to Know:


  • Do not forget the Anti-mosquito cream
  • Costs per meal between 3-4 euro



Traffic in Sri Lanka

Apart from the bigger cities, there is not that much traffic. However, it doesn't stop the Sri Lankan from overtaking the cars in front of them at any (possible) chance – just because they can. On the side of the road you will see a lot stray dogs and cows.

So how did I like my small trip to Sri Lanka?

I will definitely go back to Sri Lanka to explore the North and the West Coast. The country has incredibly much to offer and is very contrasting. On the one hand, it is the unique flora and fauna with tea plantations, fantastic beaches and elephants, turtles and monkeys. On the other hand, there are vibrant and colorful cities with many, many people in traditional clothes (saris) and a lot of traffic – which leads to a very load atmosphere. The round, Indian lettering on posters and street signs gives the last indication that you are really far from home.

Mirissa, Sri Lanka
Sunset in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

The last impressions of Sri Lanka: After a few relaxing days at the beach, the journey continues to Galle and Colombo.


Travel report Sri Lanka