Internship placement abroad

Internship abroad in Argentina

Argentina borders with five neighboring countries, Mount Aconcagua has reached a supreme height of 6.959 meters, its national football team was world champion 2 times and its notorious first lady Evita not died at the age of only 33. Get to know the so-called "Paris of South America" during your internship in Argentina. Internship abroad in Argentina

Internship abroad in Australia

Words cannot express the beauty of some places and landscapes in Australia. Though the living costs are quite high in Down Under, it is definitely worth it to fly around the whole globe to experience its uniqueness with your own eyes during an internship in Sydney, Perth or Melbourne. Internship abroad in Australia

Internship abroad in China

To do an internship abroad in China is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain work experience in the fastest growing economy in the world, gather international experiences and to get to know a totally different culture. Internship abroad in China

Internship abroad in Ecuador

Ecuador is a beautiful country in the north of South America, which offers a great variety of opportunities. You can do an internship abroad in its lively capital Quito and spend your time off laying on the beaches of the Pacific ocean. Internship abroad in Ecuador

Internship abroad in England

The fanciest city worldwide: the place, where pop idols are born, people wear the hippest fashion and the queen is celebrated like a pop star. Besides, the metropolis offers valuable chances for an intership in London. Internship abroad in London

Internship abroad in Ghana

Ghana can definitely be considered an exceptional choice for an internship abroad. You can not only do an internship or voluntary work for a NGO, but also in other working fields. Internship abroad in Ghana

Internship in Ireland

Mystical misty landscapes, Guinness and music; all things will unleash enorphins during your internship in Dublin. Ireland has a breathtaking scenery and a vibrant nightlife. Internship in Ireland

Internship abroad in Italy

Experience the capital of arts close by! According to UNESCO 60% of the world's most important artwork is located in Italy. 50% of those pieces can be seen in Florence alone. Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti are only some. Internship abroad in Italy

Internship abroad New Zealand

An internship in New Zealand offers a variety of opportunities: A demanding internship abroad in different working fields, breathtaking nature and a flourishing economy. Internship abroad New Zealand

Internship in Peru

There is no other country than Peru, where you can see the relicts of the high civilization of the Inkas. Thus, the city Cusco is an ideal starting point for expeditions to the exciting sites of the Inca Empire. Internship in Peru

Internship abroad in Singapore

A stay abroad in Asia's multi-cultural metropolis is promising. Singapore, as the world's safest and cleanest metropolis offers a lot of opportunities for an internship in Singapore. Internship abroad in Singapore

Inernship abroad in Spain

During an internship in Barcelona or Sevilla you not only gather important international work experience and intercultural competence, but also improve your language skills and therefore better your chances on the employment market. Inernship abroad in Spain

Internship in South Africa

An internship abroad in South Africa is the perfect combination of experiencing the South African lifestyle and a demanding internship. Internship in South Africa

Internship in the USA

Live the America Way and complete an internship in the USA. Gain practical experience in a country that has for decades been the impetus for the global economy. Internship in the USA

Internship in Venezuela

Venezuela is home to South America's largest lake, the third biggest river and the highest waterfall. You will also see the longest snakes and the most impressive landscapes you have ever come across. Internship in Venezuela