Internship in Indonesia

Indonesia, the island nation between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, inspires all who visit and remains the fascination of so many globetrotters due to its uniqueness and diversity. Countless rice paddies, jungles, coconut trees and giant volcanoes create a soft, luscious, green landscape. One island holds two of the largest temples in Indonesia, one being the largest Buddhist temple in the world. On five islands to the east, one will have to keep caution at all times because the largest lizards in the world inhabit this place. And these are just a handful of Indonesia’s islands, the country actually consists of a whopping 17,500 islands. So, the difficult decision then is, on which one of these incredible islands will you spend your internship abroad in Indonesia? For good reasons, we suggest to begin centrally, in the touristy provinces of Java and Bali.

Internship abroad Bali

Internship programs in Indonesia

Various internship branches are available in both Bali and Yogyakarta. You can teach English, intern as an Event Manager or get involved in environmental protection projects – many opportunities await you!


Internships in Indonesia

Internship in Bali

The island of Bali is a peculiar place, being part of Muslim Indonesia, it is the only of the 17,500 islands that is inhabited by Hindus. The unique culture and its thousands of delicately carved stone temples where they place colorful offerings of fruit, flowers and chocolate bars, is an impressive sight to see. In addition, the waves surrounding the island attract numerous surf enthusiasts from all around the world. Those who land an internship in Bali will have plenty to do during leisure time.

80 % of our former interns and volunteers in Bali are back on the island within a year!

And the chances are looking good. Tourism has brought many international companies that have created a smaller subsidiary on Bali. To your advantage: your host company will have a comfortable size, which will enable you to put your knowledge into practice and directly contribute to the team and the company's success. Another good thing to know is that Indonesian language knowledge is not necessary, a sound knowledge in English is sufficient for a stay abroad in Bali. International interns who want to contribute and improve their knowledge in event management, journalism and marketing, will do well on the island of the gods. Anyone looking for an extra special experience in Bali can find internships in nonprofit companies and diving schools.

Internship in Bali

Internship in Yogyakarta

Go local in "Jogja"! Those who prefer to spend their internship in a less touristy environment, away from where the masses go on holiday, would enjoy the cultural city of Yogyakarta. The city is the cultural soul of Java, rich in history and the birthplace of batik. Here true Javanese life continues without much impact from tourism. In a big city like this, you may expect annoying traffic, gray building labyrinths and smog as daily hassles during your internship in Yogyakarta, but you will be positively surprised with what you can find just outside the city. Rivers, rice fields, mountains and beaches surround the town and offer well earned deep relaxation after a long day of work...even without doing a yoga pose. Thanks to the numerous renowned universities, students frolicking in the city center create the fresh lifestyle of Jogja. The industry provides a good basis for an internships in exports, tourism, art, education, and also in relief programs. There are many encouraging pluses to starting your internship in Yogyakarta.

Overcoming cultural differences, developing tolerance and the ability to adapt culturally is a great benefit to you personally and professionally.

Your first time in Asia?

Both Bali and Yogyakarta offer the best conditions to prepare you for a relatively hassle-free start to Asia. You may debate (as it is believed almost everywhere in Asia) that chicken feet are tastier than the chicken breast and staring is not at all rude, however, both provinces are driven by tourism and are very well developed so you will eventually feel somewhat at home. And here’s a figure to help convince you – 80% of all our trainees and volunteers return to Bali within one year!

An internship in Indonesia will boost your bet!

Internship in Bali

How good can an internship in Indonesia really be for your career? In a country where it is normal to see 5 people piled on one scooter, where traffic rules are overrated and natural healers are chosen over hospitals. One learns to just smile at the typical behavior of Indonesians. An internship in Bali or Yogyakarta is a great choice precisely because of the benefits they bring to your career. Overcoming cultural differences, developing tolerance and the ability to adapt culturally is a great benefit to you personally and professionally. You will learn coping strategies and flexibility through your work in the internship company, as well as during your leisure time. This is actually one of the greater challenges and your future employer will thank you.

Indonesian language – how to master everyday life without headaches

Many may at first be deterred at the thought of an internship in a non-English-speaking country. New vocabulary, new grammar, new headaches. Especially in a language that is not in any way related to English, not even in the remotest sense. But we can give you some clarity on this concern. It is actually enough to get by in everyday life with just a few Indonesian words and phrases, unless of course your internship placement in Bali or Yogyakarta requires an Indonesian language course. Its simple phonetics, lack of verb conjugation or cases, make the Indonesian language relatively easy. Memorize a few words, dice them together and voila! It is not enough to read a short story in Indonesian, but for a quick chat with the neighbors, ordering food or asking for directions, it is good enough. Even a random ordering of words is somehow understood – and a smile goes a long way!