Internship in Ghana

Ghana might be considered a rather unusual place for an internship. Nevertheless, you can not only do an internship or volunteer work in the social field. The country in the northwest of Africa also offers opportunities in other working fields. During your stay abroad you can gather international work experience, work on your language skills, get to know and understand people of a different cultural background and explore a foreign country.

Internships abroad in Accra

Internship in Ghana

Cultural heritages, beautiful landscapes and historic sites which are close by to the capital Accra - Ghana has so much to offer, that you can discover during an internship in Accra.

Apply for an internship opportunity in Accra

Accra is with its 2 million people both capital and largest city of Ghana. You can reach the beach as well as the rain forest easily. Everything you need to know about applying for an internship here.

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Fees for an internship program in Ghana

We have listed all our placement fees for your overview and 100 percent transparency, so that you can plan your internship in Accra.

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Country information on Ghana

Here you can find information about Ghana, the dimensions of the country, its population, the different regions, an overview of Ghana's history, the current political and economic situation and a lot more.

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Visa preparation for your internship in Ghana

You don't have to apply for a special visa to enter Ghana, but you shuold apply for the tourist visa at the embassy in Berlin in advance.

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Accommodation in Accra

Which kind of accommodations are included in the internship program? Read more information here.

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Plan your trip to Ghana

Everything you need to know before your departure to Ghana: flight information, vaccinations or weather.

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FAQs for your internship in Ghana

Here you can find everything you need to know before you travel to Ghana at a glance. How do I get around in Ghana? What type of Visa do I need?

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