Internship in Ireland

An internship in Dublin is literally a true stroke of luck! Daily pub visits, good humor and colorful music on every street corner. Foggy landscapes, ancient stone walls, ruins and Celtic crosses that adorn the landscape. Ireland is just like it is portrayed in books! In addition, the green island has been awarded several times as one of the safest and friendliest countries worldwide. It’s not only sheep that you find grazing happily on the lush, green fields. Your family will certainly give their blessing with clear conscience of your decision to go abroad and experience an internship in Ireland. Just picturing the island alone is enough to persuade!

Internship in Ireland

Internship programs in Dublin

Many international companies have launched subsidiaries in Dublin and now offer interesting internships in various branches as Marketing, Tourism, Film and social work.


Internship programs in Dublin

Internship in Dublin

Wenn man die wirtschaftliche Stärke Dublins betrachtet, könnte man meinen, sie ist eine hektische Großstadt wie viele andere europäische Kollegen. Aber nein, Dublin hat absolut nichts von ihrem gemütlichen Charm verloren. Schuld daran ist die Lebenseinstellung der Dubliner, die irgendwie einfach positiver und entspannter in den Tag gehen, als manch andere Nationen. Während dem Praktikum in Dublin wirst du merken, dass sich dieser Charakter auch auf die Arbeitsweise und -moral widerspiegelt.


“Even though there are fixed workflows, the actual work is not that stressful. I had a lot of time to finish my tasks properly and the colleagues and supervisors where not that fussy as in Germany. Everybody was really friendly and we all seemed to be a big family. ” Thomas, intern at an international online agency for hostel bookings


Many international companies offer internships in Dublin. Many of which require no previous knowledge or experience, as you will be trained by the company according to the principle "learning by doing". This is a perfect opportunity for high school graduates to use the time between high school and university wisely and gain international work experience.

In addition, an internship in an English speaking country is another, very obvious, advantage: you don’t have to worry about learning a foreign language. However, you will learn a lot about your own language - vocabulary and idioms you’ve never heard before and then there’s the accent! You’ll be hanging out at the local pub with colleagues of your host company and making new friends. You'll be amazed at how many new phrases you will learn!

Hot facts

  • no previous knowledge required
  • internships from 6 weeks
  • professional internships

Top internship branches in Ireland

Intern in Ireland

Our top tip for your internship in Dublin

Bring your international student card (ISIC) and you can get great discounts! The student card is very well acknowledged among Ireland and you can save up to 40 % at bookings with Irish Rai, Dublin Bus, DART and LUAS. If you do online bookings for tours or museums always have your ISIC number prepared to receive special student discounts.

Learn the Mythology of Ireland!

Everyone knows the symbol of the green shamrock and relates it to Ireland. What the shamrock symbolizes, everyone also knows, right? If you find a four-leaf clover you are in luck! But we know this is very uncommon and the Irish symbol actually has only 3 leaves. The legend of the three-leaf shamrock reaches far back into the history of Ireland to a time when patron saint St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. Using this clover, which could be found all over the green island, he explained the foundation of this religion to the people. The 3 leaves of the clover symbolize the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - the Holy Trinity of Christianity.

Better know Ireland's history, it's worth it!

It is worthwhile to delve into the history of this small sympathetic country, especially if you are planning a long stay in Dublin through an internship. You'll be amazed what great achievements they have made and how much they have contributed to the modern development of the world. Robert Boyle, the father of chemistry and Charles Parsons, the inventor of the steam turbine, have changed the world and both are from Ireland. The Irish have also contributed greatly to the world of literature with Jonathan Swift (Gulliver's Travels), Samuel Beckett (Ulysses) or James Broker (Dracula!), bringing new accents to English literature. If you are an English Literature student you should be familiar with these names, and as a prospective intern in Ireland, it will do you good to have previously heard these names before. The traditional Irish music served as a muse to many styles of world music, such as folk, jazz and rock. One might think that the Irish settled all over the world, just to share a piece of their happiness in a musical way. You see, the idea of an internship in Dublin is even more appealing when you know a bit of its history.

Escape Dublin's city rush:

  • Stroll through St. Stephen’s Green Park
  • Have a picnic in Phoenix Park
  • Go by DART (local train) to Dublin's peninsula Howth to go hiking

Discover Irish art & tradition:

  • in the Irish National Library
  • in countless musuems
  • at open air live music in Grafton Street; every day dozens of street musicians play here!
internship in Dublin

Living in Ireland

The hospitality of the Irish is noteworthy, as our interns in Dublin report this again and again. So why not truly engage in the Irish customs and make yourself comfortable with a host family? You will still have your independence, but while enjoying the advantages of the domestic life at the same time. In addition, you have the bonus of living like the locals, learning about the family, people and country through their customs and traditions, and emerging into their circles of friends. Living in a hostel wouldn't bring you closer to the Irish traditions! But what you decide in the end, of course, is up to you. In any case, your project coordinator will assist you in finding accommodation for your internship in Dublin.

And What About Guinness?

You knew this would be coming, right? Guinness is to Ireland as cheese is to Wisconsin. Although today this is due to the targeted marketing ads by Guinness, it still has its deep historical origin. Founded by Arthur Guinness, it was the first brewery in Dublin and has since been THE Irish national drink! “Once in Dublin, get to a real Guinness Pub and have a drink.” This is certainly on your to-do list during your internship abroad in Ireland! The beer has become a symbol of the Green Island, and is an important part of the national identity of all the globally dispersed Irish. In Dublin itself you will notice that the Guinness drinkers are mostly found among the older circles or among tourists. The young middle class, seem to prefer to resort to cheaper and imported products.