Internship in Mexico

What are your first thoughts when you imagine an internship in Mexico? Fiery trumpet sounds, colorful costumes and sombreros on cacti? The typical cartoon image of Mexico. In part, this is true, but that's not all that Mexico has to offer - turquoise beaches, giant volcanoes, wild waterfalls, grandiose churches from the colonial period, huge ancient pyramids, and incidentally, many everyday little details that will remind you of Spain and the US. Your internship in Mexico is sure to be a real cultural highlight, making a great impression on your life!

Internships in Mexico

Especially students and trainees in the fields of International Business, Mechanical Engineering, IT or International Marketing have good chances to find the perfect professional internship in Mexico. Most of the internship companies are based in Mexico City, but some are also in neighboring cities such as Pueblo.


Internships in Mexiko

Internship in Mexico City

All internships are offered by companies in Mexico City. Upon your approach to the capital of Mexico the feeling will be clear that you have embarked on an impressive adventure! Approximately 8.8 million people live here between skyscrapers, checkered square houses and highways. At first it may appear unmanageable and gray, but do not worry, an internship in Mexico City is hard to beat! Firstly, you will harness the city faster than you may want because many attractions will invite you on exciting digressions: In the old town you will make a visual shift to the colonial time, in Alameda Park you can breathe deeply and admire artists works, and in the huge street markets you can buy whatever your heart desires - as long as your luggage volume permits. You will find flowers, candy, hats, magic herbs and things that you have never heard of or never knew you could use.

Secondly, an internship in Mexico is a top asset to your practical knowledge and your intercultural skills. Internships are mainly offered in the fields of engineering, information technology and business management.

What level of Spanish skills are needed?

All companies that offer internships, require a high level of written and verbal English. However, can you imagine a trip to Mexico without using any Spanish? Without any Spanish skills you miss out on so many opportunities to chat with your colleagues and friends, learn and cope in everyday life and improve your language skills.

Fast Facts Internship in Mexico 

  • Internships from now on
  • Professional Internships
  • Minimum duration of 3 month
  • Pocket money 

Maya, Aztec...and there’s more!

Mexico is home to one of the 7 wonders of the world and ancient cities and ruins belonging to the World Heritage Site. These are the heritage of ancient civilizations and cultures. The people of the Maya and Aztecs are known by everyone. However, there were a few more, as the Omlec, the Zapotec, Teotihuacan, Toltec and Mixtec. After all, the first archaeological traces extend back to the year 1200 BC, a sufficient amount of time to have a lot to leave behind. During your internship in Mexico City many historical sites can be easily reached without scheduling an entire weekend. For example, there is a historic center in Mexico City itself, Xochimilco. The Chapultepec Park, with its castle, is a top tourist attraction and is also one of Mexico's largest parks. The mighty Aztec capital, Teotihuacan, is just 30 minutes away.

For the other famous sights in Mexico, such as the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza, another one of the world’s wonders, you should plan a weekend or even longer. The distance on the map may not look like much, but bus rides can take up to 20 hours. Therefore, the best option is to look for cheap flights to Merida and continue your trip from there.

Don't miss out on that during your internship in Mexcio City:

  • Relaxing in the Alamada Park
  • Visit the mighty pyramids of Tenochtitlan
  • Visit Mexico's colorful markets
  • Weekend trip to Chichén Itzlá
  • Guadalupe Shrine
  • Visit Chapultepec Park with the mighty castle



Tips For Your Stay in Mexico:

  • Bring anf plan a long time for trips, Mexico is huge and incredibly diverse
  • Basic Spanish
  • Be open to a new and slightly crazy culture
  • When shopping, bypass the small tourist traps
  • Don’t stand out in touristy clothing
  • Best weather is November to March as it is not as hot or wet
  • Know the most important national holidays: Independence Day is September 16th and El Cinco de Mayo is on May 5th
  • Get ready for long, bumpy and fun bus trips
  • Forget nachos and burritos and try your hand at the real Mexican delights such as chilaquiles, paletas, or placoya, or, or, or ....