Internship in Cape Town

Cape Town is not beautiful. Cape Town is stunning, cool and delicious! Anyone toying with the idea of an internship in Cape Town / South Africa, should stop thinking and start planning. 9000 km over Africa and way down until the last corner of the continent. No, it’s not just around the corner, but it’s worth it! Because nothing in and of South Africa's "Mother City" is boring - Cape Town promises untamed wilderness, exciting nightlife, unrivaled multi-cultural scene, vast wine oases, and a relaxed South African who certainly would like to invite you to a braai. A short holiday is not enough to guarantee a true experience of the city and so a longer stay abroad in Cape Town is the more recommendable choice! Just say, “Yebo” to Cape Town!

Internship programs in Cape Town

First work, then play! South Africa features the most advanced ecomony on the African continent and offers internships in the most various and interesting branches. And after work? Living 6 months in Cape Town wouldn't be enough to try everything the mother city has to offer!


Internship in Cape Town

Internship in South Africa

The Cape brings you not only a wide range of leisure activities, but also absolutely interesting opportunities for an internship. Design Companies, Hotels, PR and marketing agencies, all at an international level. There is something for everyone. You will learn and implement your learning, thereby developing professionally and personally. The film industry takes the top position of our internships. Remarkably many young, well-known film producers offer an internship in Cape Town. It’s no wonder, with all that scenery!

“"During the internship I got a good look at the movie business. With the short production time of commercials, I was able to witness everything from pre- to post-production. I liked the time spent on set the most." Leander, intern in Cape Town

"South Africans are very nice people. Maybe it's the good weather. "

Sounds funny, but somehow makes sense. First, South Africans are a peaceful people. Even if a daily "how’z it?" somehow seems a cliché, it simply comes across so nicely. Secondly, who has ever completed an internship in Cape Town and complained about the weather? With 3,700 hours of sunshine a year, the Cape will serve you sun, blue sky and holiday weather á la carte! Skip the winter in your hometown and spend it in Capetown!

The Cape Town Experience – Our Interns Top 10

Surfing Cape Town

Countless activities await you during after hours or on weekends! We asked our interns who have clearly taken the best memories with them. Here are our top 10 best things to do in Cape Town:

  1. The Classic: A Garden Route Tour. This is a track along the Indian Ocean with beautiful landscapes and beaches. Everyone makes this trip, and everyone enjoy’s it!

  2. Surfing! Whether Jeffrey’s Bay or Muitzenberg, waves are available for every level. Somehow, everyone makes it on the board.

  3. Day tour to the Cape of Good Hope

  4. Table Mountain & Lion’s Head – Why it made our list will become clear to you once you reach the top of the peak.

  5. Wine Tasting – Enjoy super beautiful landscapes and the world's best wine at the same time.

  6. Bungee jumping from 216 meters.

  7. Visit the prison on Robben Island.

  8. Summer concert at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

  9. Mzoli's Braai – This is a big barbecue in the township in which the local population and tourists meet and celebrate together.

  10. Safari with "the big 5" (elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion, leopard)

Must-sees in Cape Town

Townships in Cape Town – A "Third World" on the Edge of a Metropolis

They are the remaining scars of apartheid, a structured racial segregation in South Africa's history: the townships of Cape Town. The tiny "houses", where visitor’s must duck their heads as they enter, greatly reflect the living conditions of the residents. However, they are not dissatisfied with their simple houses! Upon visiting one of the townships, you may expect this picture of poverty to keep you away. However, once you take a couple hours to meet the people, listen to the stories and embrace this colorful and lively culture, you will want to commit to an internship or volunteer in South Africa. Dive deep into the townships and you will recognize the diversity of life within.

"If you asked people in the Township what life is like there they would not understand the question.“ Matthias, intern in Cape Town

Volunteers in Townships

100% Adventure without budget

Those who are able to schedule a little more time before or after their internship program, so they can tour Africa, should definitely do so. After all, you didn’t fly all the way to and across this huge continent just to have seen only the bottom corner of it. Lesotho, "the Kingdom of Heaven" should at least be one stop on your itinerary. Particularly popular with our interns are: an overland tour through Namibia's incredibly vast desert, Botswana's National Wildlife Parks and the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. For those who are on a tight budget or perhaps have no funds for sightseeing, there is the possibility of joining a tour on “working” terms, as a translator, cook or assistant. Under these terms, one should not expect a vacation as there will be a daily work routine, but hey, tourists have vacations - travellers have experiences!

Internship Cape Town

Intern meeting in Cape Town – a beautiful tradition

Each week in Cape Town your project coordinators organize a meeting with all who participate in an internship program in South Africa, globetrotters like you, their bones infected with wanderlust. The Volunteer and internship programs in South Africa are so diverse that you will meet and hear stories of all kinds. At these meetings many make plans for small South African adventures together. Do not forget: The journey is the goal and the people you meet along the way enrich your experiences.