Visa preparation internship in South Africa

Entry regulations for South Africa changed on 1 July 2005. By entering South Africa you will be issued a tourist visa although you are doing an internship. So usually you do not need an official visa issued by the embassy. For getting the visa an important fact is, that you don`t get paid for your internship. If you got a salary you would need a working permit. However, getting a working permit is fairly difficult and in general out of question for interns.  

Generally it works like this:  

At passport control at the airport they issue a tourist visa with the notation of an internship. Holding this you are allowed to stay in South Africa for 90 days. If you are doing an internship for six months, you can extend the visa at the "Department of Home Affairs" once for another 90 days. Due to these regulations your stay in South Africa is strictly limited to 180 days. 

To get your visa extended you need the following documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Internship agreement
  • Valid ticket for your return flight
  • Proof of funds (bank statement which shows at least 1000 Euro on your bank account)
  • a letter of your parents ensuring monthly financial support
  • Letter of motivation (reasons for your stay in South Africa)
  • Fee of 425 Rand
  • Letter of good cause (only if application for extension is belated)
  • Application Form BI 1739


While you are in South Africa we will remind you via email or phone call of your visa extension.