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Englische Sprache

Learn the world's No. 1 language. English is spoken by about 340 million native speakers and 350 million to 1 billion second-language learners. English is spoken in a total of 106 different countries. Improve your English language during a journey. Learn English


Are you interested in learning Spanish? This is a global language and is widely spreaded and common used. Spanish is spoken by 447 million people - 59 million of them are second language speaker. Learn Spanish in a language course


Also French is one of the world languages and because of this, useful to learn. Many people see French as the “language of love” or the “language of diplomacy”. French is spoken by 500 million people worldwide and only 110 million out of this are native speakers. Learn French in a language course


The Italian language is only talked by 59 million people worldwide. Nevertheless this beautiful language is popular. More and more people learn this language and rising the number of second language speakers, which is right now by aroung 5 million. Learn Italian in a language course


Chinese is placed on the list of world's most spoken languages on the 1st position. Around 1.2 billion people speaking this language, which will probably rise soon the most important Business language. Chinese is considered as THE Future language and could probably lead to great success in your career. Learn Chinese in a language course