Our Values ​​& Strengths


If you decide on one of our programs, we take responsibility that everything runs properly. For this we set standards, which may manifest themselves differently depending on the country or project. Thus, in line with our child protection policy, in projects where you work with children, we require a police clearance certificate. We also pay special attention on providing not only you, but also the project, sustainable value. For this reason, for some of the volunteer and internship programs, there is a compulsory minimum length to which we adhere.


We all have been at this point: For the first time packing your suitcase all by yourself, being alone in the plane, arriving in a foreign country. We understand what it means to find yourself in a new culture. And what matters most? Your safety of course! If you feel safe, everything flows with ease. All our partners therefore have clear safety standards, especially in regards to the project and accommodation choice. Moreover, clear rules are given upon your arrival by the project coordinators who will guide you through a safe time abroad.


Confidence in oneself as well in the project is the foundation of each experience abroad. We are well aware of the possible risks and challenges in each case and we also know how important it is that you can rely on us to be there for you if/when you are in need. No internship or volunteering experience is ever 100% planned out - and that's a good thing. This is part of what makes living abroad so exciting and valuable! If problems do arise, we are your reliable partner. You can count on us!


Traveling is, and always will be, a challenge. Through experience, overcoming obstacles and taking risks, we gain strength and grow personally. Therefore, we try to work with partners that offer a challenge, and, above all, ones that you can trust.


We can not change the world, but we can impact many small worlds. With the help of our volunteers and interns, we work hard at achieving these small initiatives in the project countries, supporting them as much as we can. Often this means that you will live far away from major cities, getting to know the reality of the plight of the community, experiencing some of their problems for yourself. This reaps great benefits and a special, mutual respect among the community. You not only change the lives of others, but also your own. This experience will open your eyes!


If you are already in contact with us, you may have noticed that we are very friendly, yet professional. We maintain a very friendly, honest and loyal relationship with all our partners as well. We have built a wide network of partners and like-minded globetrotters, constituting the Studentsgoabroad team today. You too, will create friendships from around the world in the course of your stay abroad and probably remain in contact for years.


Volunteering and internship programs are not identical products that fly off the conveyor belt. We take a close look at each candidate’s individual qualifications for a particular program and make a conscious effort to put their strengths and motivations into action. Therefore, full support is given, goals are achieved and expectations are met for both the program/company and the volunteer/intern.