FAQ - Questions and answers

The application process for an internship abroad is easy. You can fill in our online application and apply for one or more internship positions abroad from our database or place a customized order.

Who can apply?

How do I apply?

How long does the placement take?

What kind of internship offers do I get?

Do I have to do an interview?

Will you support me with my application for the internship abroad?

Why are you so cheap?

Why do you charge a placement fee at all?

How long does an internship placement take?

How long should an internship be?

I do not speak the country's language. What to do?

What are the usual working hours during my internship abroad?

Do I get time off?

What is the difference between a customized search order and the internship positions in your database?

Are there any field reports?

Can I move if I do not like the accommodation?

Is there a local contact person?

When should I book my flight?

What do I need to apply?

When will I get the confirmation?

Will you support me with my travel arrangements?