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✈ Africa, America or Australia? Is your wanderlust calling? We know all about that feeling!
We at Studentsgoabroad and our partners in the target countries are all curious, passionate and experienced globetrotters, just like you. Some have even fallen in love with the country of their overseas adventure and stayed. 
Here we give you our inside knowledge - to help make your time as a globetrotter the highlight of your life!



The Studentsgoabroad team

The Management Team

Max & Dominic

Max and Dominic are the innovative minds behind Studentsgoabroad. Their vision: Assisting young people in opening the door to the world! When Dominic is not on another continent taking part in sports activities, he is busy perfecting the background of the home page. He is the brain behind our trip finder. Max pulls the business threads and tirelessly polishes off the final touches to our offers. After work you can find this proud Dad hanging out with his family or surfing some of the best spots in the world.

Your coordinator in Africa

Your Team in Ghana


You hear laughter? Then Prince is near! This funny Ghanaian loves soccer and never misses an opportunity to watch games with his friends. If it’s not soccer season, you’ll usually find him on the beach, relaxing happily with his family. He also loves children. It’s no wonder why he has worked successfully since 2008 as a project coordinator, in charge of the volunteers who, like himself, believe in a better future for Ghanaian children.


Meet Prince

Your Team in Cameroon


The native Cameroonian Collette loves to meet new cultures. Through many trips as well as working with international volunteers and interns she immerses herself into other worlds. From the USA, Italy, Sweden or Turkey exchange she took food for thought with her to Cameroon. Are want to volunteer in one of her projects? With Collette you will experience true Cameroon - with the kindness and simplicity of its inhabitants.

Meet Collette

Your Team in Mauritius


Andreas had fallen in love with the beautiful island of Mauritius. That’s why he emigrated here with his family. What he particularly likes about his new home is the unique mix of cultures and religions. Here he finds a great balance of modernity, openness and security. This new way of life allows him to work 1 on 1 with his interns and volunteers. For him one thing is for sure: Mauritius is the best place to expand one's horizons!

Meet Andreas

Your Team in Namibia


Agnes comes from the beautiful Austria and is known as a true globetrotter. She has traveled to every continent - but lost her heart to Africa. In Namibia she has found personal fulfillment. Always with an honest smile, Agnes helps the children of her project who need much support. To keep a balance between her personal life and her hard work, she sets out time to read, knit or play with her dogs.

Meet Agnes

Your Team in South Africa


If you are on the go early in the morning, you may meet Jana on the beach in Cape Town. The German-born enjoys starting the day before work with a stroll on the beach with her dogs. Otherwise, she loves the action of each day. For example, meeting with the international volunteers and interns. She likes becoming part of their exciting overseas adventure. She also knows a lot about the globetrotter existence - from India, Spain, Namibia, Indonesia, Hungary and so on ...

Meet Jana

Your coordinator in Asia & Oceania

Your Team in China


Athena knows her home inside and out. She loves to explain to the volunteers and interns all about the peculiarities of the country and the mentality of her compatriots. It is important to her to show you that not all Chinese are luxury-addicted. She leads the way to an unforgettable experience in Asia. Her objective: "When my clients tell me they like China and they will definitely miss it after the program is finished.”

Meet Athena

Your Team in Indonesia

Laura & Rifka

Laura and Rifka pull all the volunteering and internship threads for you in Bali. With these hosts you are sure to find the perfect overseas adventure. These two lively Super Women always bring high spirits to the office. Not infrequently, one hears loud music and boisterous laughter coming from their direction. Work is done best when you make it fun! And remember, their volunteers and interns will surely get infected.  

Meet Laura

Your Team in Japan


Alexander loves water sports. The German-born took a detour from Australia to Japan. The only reason Alexander wanted to stay in Japan was to improve his Japanese language skills. Out of this he formed his own language school and a internship placement agency. One tip he has for all trainees before their arrival: "Realize your desires for yourself, do not wait for someone else to do it for you."  

Meet Alexander

Your Team in Nepal

Man Singh

Is there anything better than the stunning nature of Nepal? Man Singh declares: "Only the exceptionally fantastic attitude of the locals." His dedication is what the volunteers experience. Man Singh loves his job and it shows in how he relates with his international guests. You'll feel his welcoming energy immediately. He also enjoys free time with his wife and children.

Meet Man Singh

Your Team in New Zealand


Monique is our good soul in New Zealand. “My greatest wish is that all interns and volunteers feel at home in this great country and that they never forget the ever so friendly people.” She knows that she does a good job and her guests always enjoy the adventure of their lives to the fullest. She enjoys spending her free time with her family or with a good glass of wine and a good book in hand.

Meet Monique

Your Team in Vietnam


As a student 'wanderlust' had overcome this native Vietnamese. Mo wanted to see more of the world and meet different people. She made her dream come true and studied in the US and Japan. Mo believes that such an international exchange of experience not only benefits the individual, but also the whole country. It works out well for everyone that Vietnam is involved in many exchange programs and so it is easy to find the perfect internship for you!

Meet Mo

Your coordinator in Europe

Your Team in Barcelona

Katharina & Sabine

Katharina - better known as Katha - has lived in some of the best surf spots in the world, such as Australia and Bali. Surfing is also what brought the German native to Spain. She loves the beach and the waves and is particularly pleased that they are both virtually on her doorstep. Katharina has thrived in the Spanish lifestyle, which is just as relaxing as it is energetic and lively. She is delighted to be part of your Spanish experience.

Meet Katharina

Your Team in Ireland


Whether Berlin, Prague or London - Noel feels at home in any metropolis. He likes to get to know the typical scene of the cities he visits. For this curious Irishman from Dublin it says a whole lot more about a culture than the tourist attractions. If you do your internship abroad with him, you can be sure that you will experience the 'real Ireland'. Get ready for an exciting adventure and guaranteed fun!

Meet Noel

Your Team in London

Carola, Henry, Lisa, Elisabeth, Banu

Our team in London are globetrotters too! If we put their travel experiences together, then we can say these colleagues have traveled at least once around the world. Their personal interests are just as varied as their travel experiences, from music, TV, drawing, reading, sports, animals and so on... However, they all agree on a few things: London is the place to be; Travel is the #1 hobby; and the international interns who come here will experience the time of their lives.

Meet the London Crew

Your Team in Tenerife


If you meet Tine, you'll immediately be captured by her balanced nature. There is nothing that this German emigrant does not like about her new home or job. She loves her family, the sun and the sea, nice people, sports and animals. In Tenerife she has all that she needs to make her happy. With much dedication, Tine places each trainee in his/her perfect job. She also wants to hear you say, “There's nothing to not like”.

Meet Tine

Your Team in Valencia

Isabel & Jose

Isabel and Jose like to share with others, and above all things, they love to share the pure Spanish zest for life. The two Spaniards have gathered much Globetrotter experience and can not imagine a life without traveling. They love the excitement of learning new things and meeting new people. And since they can not permanently travel, they bring different cultures to their home. So you too can be part of pure Spanish joie de vivre!

Meet Isabel

Your coordinator in North and South America

Your Team in Argentina


This Argentinian, Jesica, loves to learn more about other cultures and enjoys her part in bringing multiple cultures together in contact with one another. It wasn’t for nothing that she studied linguistics. During her studies she supervised volunteer projects and recruited volunteers. Since she can not travel as often as she would like, her job satisfies her curiosity as she gets to know people from many other countries while showing them the Argentine way of life.

Meet Jesica

Your team in Chile


"I love to show people a little more than just the typical tourist-Chile." You can easily expect to be impressed with our adrenaline junkie Julie! Snowboarding, rafting or downhill cycling? No matter! She is all about fun and action. To keep balanced, this Englishwoman enjoys relaxing with a good book or strolling through the unique nature of her new home. However, above all things, this new mom enjoys quality time with her small family.

Meet Julie

Your Team in the Dominican Republic


For Manfred there are no customers - all volunteers and interns are his guests. He is just as involved with them as he is in his volunteer projects. Manfred organizes your Spanish lessons, constructs adventure packages and always has an open ear. You would never guess that he actually comes from the strict, stressful German culture. During his 30 years in Latin America he has exchanged the hustle and bustle life for an easygoing one.

Meet Manfred

Your Team in Canada


Jeanette comes from Canada, but has lived in Italy, France and the Netherlands. Travel is her favorite hobby. Europe, Asia, Africa and South America - for her, the world is not colorful enough. She is passionate and determined and keeps records of her experiences with her camera. You will certainly not have communication difficulties with Jeanette because she speaks 6 languages.

Meet Jeanette

Your Team in Peru


Donny has fallen in love - with a Peruvian and with the country. In 2008 this Dutchman emigrated in this South American country and has since lived there, supporting volunteer and internship projects. Life in Peru works differently, this he knows well. Therefore, he has an open ear for all. When Donny is not working he is playing football or enjoying leisure time with his wife and young daughter.

Meet Donny

Your Team in the US


After hearing about all the problems that international trainees have on their way to their placements in the United States, Andrey decided to start his own agency. Since he likes to travel, he knows how exciting it is to settle into a completely different culture. When he is not busy with the application and visa processes of his proteges, you can find him camping or relaxing happily at home with his family.

Meet Andrey