Volunteer in Argentina

Wouldn’t you love to travel to places where you can dance in the birth place of tango, see the home of the Guarani people and discover the origin of 270 waterfalls? Get close to this Spanish speaking country and its inhabitants while working on a volunteer project. And why not throw in a language course to learn the beautiful Spanish language? Across the 7 different geographical regions which Argentina is spread, you will find not only the most soccer fields south of the equator, but also fascinating landscapes, a diverse climate that ranges from tropical to sub-polar and of course there is Buenos Aires, one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in South America.

There's something to discover for everyone

While volunteering in Argentina you will find there is so much to discover. Taking part in a Spanish class will enhance your ability to integrate yourself and get the most out of your stay. If you decide to do volunteer work close to the capital city of Argentina, you will get to experience one of the most European influenced cities of South America. The inhabitants of Buenos Aires have ancestral roots from France, Spain, Italy and Germany. You will immediately recognize this when you enter the Italian district “La Boca”. It is said that Recoleta is a beautiful place for dying because you will find the most impressive cemeteries of Buenos Aires. If you are a nature lover and are drawn to the flora and fauna of Argentina, you must visit the island group, Tierra del Fuego, Spanish for “Land of fire.” Don't be fooled by its name, there is nothing fiery about the climate. If you imagine a trip to a warm island, you will be disappointed by the cool west winds. Nevertheless, the stunning moors and tundra, a natural wonder of South America, are definitely visit worthy while volunteering in Argentina.

Make a difference and be part of a volunteer project. There are a variety of volunteer projects, especially in the social and health services sectors. The high demand of volunteers in these fields is due the fact that such a large number of the population live at or below the poverty line.


Volunteer in Argentina

Combine volunteering with a Spanish course! 

There are so many ways to help as a volunteer! You could be taking care of children in an orphanage, teaching English in a school or working in the garden of a health clinic. You make the decision. Choose between any of our volunteer programs and we guarantee an unforgettable experience. No worries if you don't speak Spanish fluently. We offer language classes so you can learn Spanish along with other volunteers and interns, connecting with others like you and making new friends during your lessons. 

Nature conservation in the biggest freshwater delta worldwide

In just under 50 km from the the megacity Buenos Aires you will find the stunning Parana Delta. It forms a labyrinth of waterways, surrounded by a green idyll. Many tourists come here, seeking relaxation from the buzzing lifestyles and chaos of Buenos Aires – far too many tourists. Nowadays, the natural paradise is more and more frequented by boats, and holiday huts are being built on the riversides. A local development project at the second section of the Parana Delta seeks to provide eco-friendly tourist accommodation while giving the local islanders a decent employment. Volunteers will help to construct new accommodations, assist in planting and reusing of material, and most of all, they will learn more about environmental responsibility.

Working in social projects

There are many ways to support the local communities in the suburbs and rural areas around Buenos Aires. For example, government-funded daycare centers lack sufficient capacity for all the children who should receive primary education and care.

Social programs in the suburbs of Necochea, border town La Quiaca and other poor areas of Buenos Aires support:

Volunteer teaching

Pablo Nogués, a humble town in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, is just an hour by train from the metropolis’ center. International volunteer teachers can teach groups of more than 30 children in an extracurricular English school to improve their future job perspectives. Volunteers must have an advanced level of English and be capable of teaching proper pronunciation, listening and reading comprehension skills, spelling and writing.

A total of 8 projects are available for students who would like to get engaged as volunteer teachers in Argentina. These projects take place in

  • an after-school program
  • a Kindergarten
  • a primary school
  • a homework program
  • a community center

Healthcare programs

We would like to introduce you to a health center in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. With the help of many volunteer donors from the neighborhood and generous doctors, this small center was opened.  Here, patients are only charged a small fee to receive medical attention. Medical volunteers willing to help in this center as well as in two other clinics need to have a previous education in human medical care.

Looking for an internship abroad in Argentina?

Are you studying and looking for professional experience abroad? We’ve got you covered! We also offer internships in Argentina.