Volunteer in Bali, Indonesia

Take this chance, like many others already have, to travel to the beautiful island of Bali! Bali is full of charm. Gorgeous beaches, rice terraces and a variety of exotic plants will surround you everywhere. Notice how the fragrance of incense spreads from out of the temples into the streets and blends with the scent of the ocean and traffic.

Many tourists, Indonesian tourist alike, are attracted to the magic of this captivating island. The booming tourism industry is a blessing for many Indonesians, however it is the ruin of the island, the Balinese culture, and their natural resources. Bali defines opposites...fascinating yet repulsive, orderly yet chaotic, energetic yet apathetic, rich yet poor. These are just a few of the contradictions you will find yourself making as you experience life on this island. Perhaps this comes from its people’s true understanding of the need for balance in life, the balance between good and evil. For the Balinese good and evil are equally important. Poverty and wealth exist peacefully side by side. The glamorous decorated entrances of the hotels and villas neighbor tiny shacks surrounded by burning piles of waste. And yet they smile, they do not complain, they are truly a happy people and consider themselves wealthy for all that they do have.

By choosing volunteer work you have the opportunity to look behind the curtain of tourism...see for yourself. There are so many inspiring and unique social projects in Bali.

Get to know the welcoming people and their vivid, magical culture as a volunteer in Bali. Teach English in privately supported primary schools,  care for children in an orphanage or help under privileged young adults and women to learn a trade and raise their job perspective.


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Social work with children

Are you a people person? Our social welfare programs in Bali offer a wide range of opportunities working to help improve the lives of others. One of our most popular areas for volunteering is with children. Our children are another great treasure that needs our care. As a care-volunteer you can help in different orphanages in various regions. If you are looking for the ultimate cultural experience, then volunteering in the orphanage in Karangasem is the perfect place for you.

Your responsibilities as a volunteer will be as follows: 

  • working closely with the children
  • caring for the children
  • teaching
  • playing
  • doing arts and crafts
  • singing with them

Furthermore, you can volunteer in the community center in Ketewel. It is a daycare type of institution for the children from the slums of Ketewel. 

Volunteering in the nature conservation

The future of our planet depends greatly on how we care for our environment. We rely on it, and it relies on us! Indonesia, a country comprising of over 13,000 islands, suffers from major environmental issues. In this field volunteers support the education of nature conservation topics.

All organizations you will be working with have realized that educating the local people is key to the conservation of Bali's beautiful nature. Work as a volunteer in the eco park of the biggest nature conservation organizations and educate ambassadors, who will then share this knowledge with their community. 

If you would like to teach, you can support the second mission of this non-profit organization. They offer free literacy and English classes to less fortunate Balinese women. Furthermore, they run a micro-financing project  where women are encouraged to create and build up their own small businesses.

Has working with children always made you smile? If so, you are welcome to create your own outdoor class in a pre-school, primary or high school, creating a small eco garden for the school and teaching the students how to maintain it.

Volunteering in the wildlife conservation

Some sea turtle’s natural hatching grounds have been wiped out due to booming tourism and devastating waste management issues. On top of that, turtle products are still popular goods among the black markets. To raise awareness and protect the sea turtles, Balinese activists opened the Centre for Turtle Conservation back in 2006. As a volunteer you will have the following opportunities:

  • cleaning the fresh water pools
  • feeding the turtles,
  • medical treatment of the turtles,
  • guiding tourist through the center
  • and educate foreigners about the turtle's natural behavior and the threats they face. 

Similar activities will await you in the bird conservation project in Ubud. The population of the Bali starling has faced a tremendous decrease in the past years due to expanding infrastructure leading to near extinction.

Volunteering in the education system

Contribute to the education of Balinese students while gaining international teaching experience. If what you seek is work in the education field, we have a variety of school projects to suit you. You can teach 

  • in Pre-Schools,
  • in different Primary Schools,
  • in a High School,
  • and in a Hotel Management School.

Although the demand for English teachers is the highest, there are other areas where your help is needed. Mathematics, art and sports are just a few. The choice is yours!

Make a difference by contributing your time and knowledge to a volunteer program. In return you will gain an invaluable experience in Bali.

Be prepared for your teaching abroad!

Volunteers need to prepare teaching plans, which include all ideas of subjects or topics they would like to to the children. It makes your first contact with the children and the communication so much easier. At least you should bare in mind, that you will teach in front of 20 children who barely speak a word English, nor you know their language.