Volunteer in China

China is like a picture book to many Western nations. It’s mystical impressions, stories and facts raise questions and stimulate discussions. A civilization of 1.3 billion, which has no Facebook, Twitter & Co., and in the last decade enough houses were built to home all of Japan. A country that holds together more than 90 ethnic groups and peoples. How is this all possible? The Chinese civilization is fascinating in many respects and therefore arouses the curiosity of many travelers from western worlds.

The economic boom has made China the third largest economic power. And it seems that that's not enough. The industrialization continues to progress and the population growth seems to be unstoppable. There are many areas that are in need of international volunteers. This increase of industrialization is all at the expense of China’s citizens.

There are many areas that are in need of international volunteers. This increase of industrialization is all at the expense of China’s citizens. As a volunteer you will witness China’s global power first hand, experiencing the world in which they live and lending them a hand to help carry a bit of their burden.

Volunteer programs in China



Do you prefer to live the middle of the big city or deep in the rural provinces of China?

The decision that may not be so simple is whether you prefer to get involved in middle schools, kindergartens or another social institution. You may also wonder which city in China fits you best. First of all, you should carefully consider, how prepared you are for Chinese culture. No matter what city or province, you will find major cultural differences. But, no matter where you choose, one things for sure, all projects are 100 percent authentic and the introductory course in the first days of the project will prepare you with key phrases and rules in China.

Teaching English in China

In the volunteer programs in schools you will notice how, over thousands of years of traditions, they have formed a unique educational system which has continued to survive even in today’s modern China. Both in the big city Shanghai as well as in rural locations that are up to 1000 km from the city, you can help these schools as an English teacher. Whether in Shanghai City, Shanghai Island, Zheng Zhou, Cheng Du or Su Zhou. Whether in a kindergarten, an elementary school or a high school. All have one thing in common - projects. You have the chance to give underprivileged children the opportunity to an education in the English language, helping them open more doors to their future.

Volunteer during teaching in a primary school in Su Zhou.

In addition to teaching English, you can also use your athletic ability in a football project. Here you will hold about 11 to 15 lessons per week (35 to 40 minutes correspond to one unit) from Monday to Friday. You will support and help manage the football team and bring them your soccer skills.

Social work programs

In this social project you will be working with different physically challenged children from the ages of 6-15 years. You would help with the general care of the children, supporting them in all daily activities in which they need assistance. In addition to general care you will assist the staff of the institution in the design of the curriculum. You can also play an active role “behind the curtain” by helping to upgrade the site facilities and design and write reports and articles on this activity. If you've completed training as a nurse or in another medical field or if you are even in the middle of your training or schooling, you may have some skills or knowledge to teach the staff or help out with treatments.


Capital : Beijing

Area : 9.6 Miokm²

Population : 1.339.7 Mio