Volunteer in Nepal

Nepal offers a diverse ethnic mix and a variety of stunning geographical features – all in a space as big as Switzerland and Austria put together. There is so much to see and do. In one day you could find yourself on top of the world on a helicopter ride and then on the back of an elephant roaming through dense jungle. Most know of the Himalayas in the north of Nepal, but few know that Nepal is also home to rain forests in the subtropical South. The "Kingdom of Heaven" with its many peoples and cultures, is a very spiritual destination that attracted many Hippies to the city Goa. Nepal will change you and you won't even notice.

Here in Pokhara local disadvantaged children and women are guaranteed support in different facilities. The goal of all projects is to educate, especially women and children, so that they can improve their lives and get along well in society.


Volunteer programs in Nepal


A 6-hour bus ride from Kathmandu Pokhara lies a cozy place between a lake and a spectacular mountain front. You can guess that this is just the scenery that attracts trekkers, kayakers, paragliders and yoga fans.

But here in Pokhara, and the surrounding countryside, the population, especially the indigenous, suffer from poverty, disease, human exploitation and above all, political disputes.

Helping in the children home

The estimated number of orphans in Nepal is around 5,000. The political instability makes every day a struggle on the road to survival for the children. The orphanages that you can support during your social work in Nepal, provide refuge for children who look back on a very traumatized and difficult past. Some of the children come mainly from neighboring villages and Pokhara or were rescued from prison.

Volunteer painting with children in the children home in Pokhara

In the two homes children are provided with clothing, medical care and education. Particular emphasis is placed primarily on cleanliness so that children learn and grow in a clean and healthy environment. The goal of the project is primarily to help the children find their way back into society independently. As a volunteer you will:

  • assist in morning programs like yoga
  • help clean
  • prepare breakfast
  • independently teach English lessons
  • help the children with their homework.

Volunteers are also role models to the children and therefore have a major impact on the personal development of children. It is important to come with as much energy and time as possible.

There are also scholarship programs that hand out children from poor families with textbooks, writing materials and also pay for school fees.