Volunteering in Thailand

Since many years, Thailand is a top tourist destination, but despite to constant influx of tourists, it still managed to maintain a good balance between party and luxury tourism and its traditional ways of life. Apart from the parties and the hustle and bustle around Phuket and Ko Samui, the Thais still live in balance with nature and its ancient traditions. In the community projects in Khiri Khan and Singburi, you will be warmly welcomed into the local community and become part of this life.

Community Programs in Thailand

Volunteers in Thailand get the chance to actively support the protection of the environment and improve the living conditions of the locals in a sustainable way.

Programs in Thailand

Internship in Thailand

During an internship in Thailand, you will have the opportunity to gain some first practical working experience in an international, English speaking work environment.

Internships in Thailand

Community Engagement by the sea in Khiri Khan

The small fishing villages in the Prachuap Khiri Khan area surely belongs to the off beaten tracks in Thailand. Life here is more traditional than in other touristic seaside towns. Even if the quiet and charming village is no longer undiscovered by international emigrants, people are still striving to live together with the local community.

Conservation and Protection of the environment and marine life

This marine conservation program in Khiri Khan gives you an outstanding opportunity during your community engagement to get to know the culture and traditions of the local people, to enjoy the beautiful beaches on Thailand’s south coast and to contribute to the protection of the environment and the marine life in this area.

Community Engagement in traditional Singburi

Singburi is quite unknown among international tourists. It’s a rural area that is only little mentioned in travel magazines as it is not located in or at the ocean, as so many other well-known cities and seaside villages in Thailand. It’s a 2 hours drive with the bus to Bangkok and about 3 hours to the next beach. Life in Singburi is easygoing, charming and by far not as developed as in other metropolis in Thailand. Locals mainly live from traditional agriculture and rice farming in specific.The simplicity of everyday life is reflected in their attitude, which is said to be the most happy one among all Thais.

Construction and renovation project in Singburi

Many families in Singburi live a very simple life. The construction project gives them the opportunity that finally someone is listening to their wishes. These wishes will lead to projects which will be fulfilled with the help of the volunteers. This means, many of the works take place directly at the family houses, or at temples or other public institutions.

Sports coaching at local schools

This program offers an ideal opportunity for all sports enthusiasts to do something good while doing what you love. As volunteer in the sports coaching program, you will teach children at local Thai schools different kinds of sports after school. This program aims to not only improve their health and general well-being but also to encourage their team spirit and social skills.

Internship in Thailand

Although Thailand is still quite unknown as destination for an internship abroad, it offers great potential. As one of the most popular holiday destination in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a top choice for an internship in the tourism sector . During a tourism internship in Thailand, you can contribute to design some more or less unknown areas more attractive for tourists.

Apart from the tourism sector Thailand also offers possibilities to deepen your journalistic know-how during a journalism internship. Besides that you get the chance to improve your English skills and your English writing style.