Volunteer work in Mexico

Welcome to Estados Unidos Mexicanos! This North American country has many faces: you can expect not only fantastic sandy beaches, bright sunshine and a lot of American flair, but also an ancient cultural center, pyramids, small fishing villages, a plethora of ancient ruins and extensive pine forests. It’s not a surprise that Unesco has declared many places of interest in Mexico as World Cultural Heritage. Experience Mexico's natural and cultural treasures and immerse yourself in the history of the Mayans and Aztecs.



Be a volunteer!

Volunteering in Mexico is a real jackpot! Away from the sparkling tourist chic, you have to chance to help the locals, to create progress and to gain unforgettable experiences.


Volunteer programs in Mexico

There are many symbols and objects that represent this country. The sombrero and the cactus, as well as women and men in their traditional costumes, are most frequently associated with Mexico. The symbols of the state are hidden in the flag. The origins of today's national flag goes back to the "Army of the Three Guarantees" - "El Ejército Trigarante". The three colors of the flag symbolize these three guarantees:

Green stands for independence
White for the purity of religion and
Red for the unity of the Mexican people.    



Discover Mexico y Hablemos Español!

Mexico’s diversity is fascinating! Along with all the exciting work as a volunteer, you will also be able to go on great exploration trips. Relax in front of fantastic scenery and experience the most beautiful beaches with the finest white sand, sparkling water, palm trees and a fascinating mountain chain in the background. Is there anything better than enjoying the sunset on the beach after work, with some Mexican delicacies at hand while learning a little Spanish as you small talk with the friendly inhabitants? For all projects, it is of course advantageous if you speak a good level of Spanish, since you are always in contact with the local population. Perfect Spanish knowledge is not a must. Many volunteers who opt for a project in Mexico come with few language skills and improve their Spanish throughout their stay. You will learn new words every day through daily contact with the locals, and you will see it does not take long, soon you’ll find yourself dreaming in Spanish. Although the Mexicans are very proud of their language, they are very friendly and happy to help you. In the touristy metropolises you can get around with English if necessary.

English   Spanish
Good dayBuenos días
My name is ...Mi nombre es ...
thank yougracias
you're welcomede nada
how are you?¿Qué tal?

But Mexico must not be reduced to beaches, sea, tacos and a colorful lifestyle. Here you will also find plenty of cultural treasures and fascinating ruins of ancient architecture. There are dozens of temples, tombs and breathtaking pyramids. This is where the Mayans built today’s World Cultural Heritage, Chichen Itza, to which all the cultural treasures are owed. And if you want to get to know the real life of the Mexicans, you should make a trip to Mexico City, the capital of this exotic country. This metropolis has a lot to offer in terms of art, culture and scenic highlights with a mixture of modernity and the past. The government palace and the swimming gardens are especially worth a visit.

The Kitchen in Mexico is like the Country Itself ...

... colorful, sharp and joyous!

Quickly during your volunteer work, you will notice that the sun, beach, sea and work are not everything. Culinary Mexico has a lot to offer. Ancient Aztec traditions blend with the eating habits of the Spanish conquerors, creating many culinary delights. Tortillas and quesadillas, tacos and nachos, moles and salsa, beans and corn, all of which are typical highlights of Mexican cuisine and a true experience for the palate. Cooking without chillies and herbs is unthinkable in Mexico. However, if you are looking for chili con carne on the menu, you will not find it. This classic Tex-Mex cuisine was created in Texas and is falsely referred to as Mexican. So let yourself be pampered by the real delights of the Mexican cuisine and look forward to many cozy evenings with great food.

If that doesn't sound like a huge experience...

Are you intrigued by the colorful, sharp, vibrant life in Mexico with its fantastic beaches and landscapes, with its fascinating history and all the pyramids, ruins and world heritage sites, with all its delicacies and culinary highlights? Then come with us on a big trip and turn one of our offered projects into your own. During your volunteer work in Mexico, you will surely find plenty of opportunities to discover this beautiful and exciting spot and experience Mexico City firsthand. On the beach, you can relax after work and enjoy the sunset or go inland on bold adventures and find waterfalls, mountains and canyons.

Experience Latin America, experience pure summer fun, experience Mexico!