What to Expect!

We are constantly working to organize an authentic travel experience for globetrotters like you, and help you create your ideal journey abroad, setting up suitable project proposals. Participating in a volunteer or internship program abroad will not simply pass by like any random experience, it will leave traces that will be part of who you are thereafter. We have summarized what to expect abroad with 5 keywords!

– Going abroad is not an experience that you just simply pass through. Rather, it is a time for huge personal growth if you are open to learn from the new environment and unfamiliar situations. Even if the internship company does not quite correspond to your university major, the life lessons are invaluable to any field of study or future career! You will adapt to a new work area, entering a new task field and dealing with international colleagues.

 – The best part about our job is hearing the personal adventures of the everyday life of our students. Even the small bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps are an asset, as well as the wisdom and stories shared between new friends. You will quickly realize just how important the sharing of experiences is when you are on site. There is so much more to sharing than you may realize. You can shed some light on one another’s experiences, giving insider tips, laughing at your small mishaps, or assisting in your culinary explorations.

 – Faith in yourself, the project and the culture is very important for a relaxing and rewarding stay abroad. It is commonly taught in Western culture to always have your guard up, to be suspicious and critical. However, this is not an attitude that you find in every culture, nor does it help you grow. Too much distrust will not allow you to immerse into the culture and build tolerance. Especially when working with the community, it is important to use your instincts first, but give the people the benefit of the doubt.

 – Neither the volunteer nor the internship is an ego trip and it's not all about you. During your time abroad you will learn to work as part of an international team, hand in hand, working together toward a much bigger goal than if you were to work alone. Cooperative work also has the advantage of teaching you to look at a situation or an object from different angles.

 – Through participating in a program in a developing country, you will learn a lot about social welfare, environmental protection and animal welfare. This work is physically demanding and usually not what you are used to doing everyday. But that's how it should be! You offer the community your support in all respects and you will receive respect in return.