5 Gründe für ein Praktikum in Neuseeland

Have you ever met someone who wasn’t totally blown away by what New Zealand has to offer? White beaches before imposing coastal scenes, covered by glaciers, mountains and quaint fern forests invite you to a first class nature adventure. Everything is exciting, but just 4 weeks is not enough time, everything once seen needs to be climbed or tested. This is what makes an internship in New Zealand an irresistibly prickling event. It is more than just an internship with all that it has to offer around it.

Free internships with adventure guaranteed 

Not only are there leisure activities but also internships from a wide range of industries. Especially the tourism sector which is booming and ideal for interns. The great advantage of this is that the industry work and adventure can be intertwined.  Perfect if you have just left school and are currently in the middle of the past and the future and you simply want to try what it is like in the working world.