2 Month Volunteering in a High School in Ubud

I taught English at a tourism school, which accommodated students from age 15 to 17. They had a pretty casual school day. I really did enjoy my stay abroad in Indonesia, it was the best decision in my life so far. When I graduated in March I still had about 6 month spare time. As I always contemplated volunteering abroad, this seemed to be the right point of time for me.  I did some researches in the internet on volunteering in Indonesia. My mom was born there and it goes without saying that I wanted to stay there for some months. Eventually I happened to find the project on Bali of Studentsgobroad.com. I have already been on this island before with my family and knew, that it is nice place on earth. Therefore I was in eager anticipation and was warmly welcomed in Bali. The Balinese are really kind people which make you feel home straight away. In my school I sometimes taught alone, and sometimes I was supported by the English teacher. I also helped 3 students to prepare for an English competition and participated in the housekeeping class. Besides my time at the school, which actually made only a small part of my stay, I had lots of time to explore the island with my host siblings. The organization also arranges a stay in a host family. The family was incredibly generous and at the end of my stay I felt like a member. I was invited to the temple ceremonies and even was given some traditional Balinese gear. Also, I was offered breakfast, lunch and dinner, if I hadn’t had the chance to catch some food somewhere else. In the end I didn’t only get new experiences, but also have a second family at Bali now.