Barcelona is just lika a dream come true

I spent the last five months in Barcelona and have to say I absolutely love the city! There's always something going on so it's impossible to get bored. All the sightseeing and shopping possibilities, not to forget about the endless beach and the crazy nightlife. I really had a great time...

The first days in Barcelona

I arrived in Barcelona at the end of august and started my internship at a hotel in September. It's a huge tower near the beach with incredible views and beautiful rooms. After two days of orientation i had my first day in reception. At the beginning it was hard not to get lost in the hotel, so many corridors, lifts and restaurants... but as i got the chance to spend the first few hours walking through the building it didn't take me too long to get used to it. The job itself wasn't easy and especially troughout the summer months a bit exhausting. The hotel in the heart of Port Olimpic is quite attractive for all kinds of guests so it was usually very busy. There was always a coming and going starting with the check out of a group of international business men in the morning and ending with the check in of a honeymoon couple in the evening.

It was an interesting experience to meet so many different people from all over the world. As the hotel belongs to an american chain i got on with english quite well but also got the chance to improve my spanish. During my time at the front desk I had a huge variety of duties like doing check ins and check outs of individual guests and groups, assigning rooms, checking bills and giving out information about the hotel and the area. Guest service to the highest level comes first at the hotel! There was always something to do, I also got the chance to help out in other departements to gain more experience.

With great colleagues, the work is twice as much fun

I was really lucky with my colleagues as well, they were from all over europe and we got on great, we had lots of fun. There were a good few interns around and we usually helped each other out when it got busy. But not only at work, we often met afterwards to go for a coffee. Once we went for dinner with the whole departement. We ate at a really nice seafood restaurant and also went to a karaoke bar. Even the managers started singing, how funny!

I had two days off per week. In my freetime i spent lots of hours at the beach, luckily i only lived across the road in a nice flat with a spanish couple and a korean student. I had only a small room but it was in a very quiet area and not too far away from the next metro station.

And in my free time?

I also did a lot of sightseeing. A must see is La Rambla, the famous pedestrian walkway starting at Plaza Catalunya. There's always something to see, it's always busy, full of tourists and locals and full of street artists like dancers, jugglers and painters. Another highlight is of course the Sagrada Familia, absolutely worth to see. Already impressive from outside, although it's still under construction, i'm still sorry i never saw it from inside because there was always a huge queue of people waiting in front of it. Park Güell designed by Gaudi is another nice place to be, located on a hill you have a great view over Barcelona, you can even see the sea. When a friend came over to visit me in January we did one of the bus tours – perfect to get an overview over the city. We passed by so many attractions we didn't even know where to get off. In the end we decided to visit Camp Nou, the famous footbal stadium. It's huge and although we went there on a quiet day the atmosphere on a day of a big game wasn't too hard to imagine.


Now in the end that I'm back in Germany I'd say it was not always easy in Barcelona but it was for sure worth it! It was hard at the beginning when I had to find a room and always got lost in the streets but still, it was an experience that I don't want to miss. I got to know a lot of people, improved my spanish and lived in a city for the first time of my life. I miss the beach in front of my door and the metro that goes at least every 5 minutes but even more i miss the friends I made and the great time we had together wether on a night out or on a funny cooking evening. Thank you for all the coffee breaks and laughs we had sitting in the sun talking about nothing important.

One day I'll come back to Barcelona for sure!