Brexit: Why you should travel to London now

After June 2018 it will be not that easy anymore to stay abroad in the UK, as the British government has just decided to exit the EU. And it’s everywhere in the media: Brexit! But what does it mean for your plan doing an internship in London?

Use your benefits!

In 24 months the EU-contract is allowed to expire, what will exactly change for you? Firstly relax, in the next two years you don't have to expect disadvantages, quite the contrary! Actually now you have the great advantage to start a cheap trip to Great Britain due to a lower GPB against the Euro. Your benefits are: uncomplicated residence permit

  • cheap air fare
  • low roaming prices
  • free health insurance coverage
  • comparatively low tuition fees

That makes England for you as an internship destination much more attractive for the next two years.

What will change after June 2018?

You will probably be allowed a three month stay in the UK with a free tourist visa! But for those planning a long term stay the regulations are still unclear.Living and working in GB, as long as you want? This also has to be discussed further. It’s certain that highly qualified applicants have a higher chance to stay in the UK, but it will be a bit more difficult for less qualified applicants.

Study vs. semester in England

Thinking about studying at one of the renowned universities in the UK, or just a semester abroad? There are good and bad news: The semesters abroad have still the same tuition fees but an entire study program will be much more expensive then before!