California Living

In the beginning there was my big dream to live in the United States of America. The dream became closer when I started to study Media, Sports and Event Management and finally became true in my fifths semester. For this to happen, for the opportunity to go to California, I would have done nearly everything.

A friend of mine has found an internship in New Zealand via studentsgoabroad and that´s how I have heard about the agency. I e mailed them and already after the first contact I decided to plan my stay abroad with their help. In the US it is hard to organize an internship on your own, especially next to studying at university. The consultants were always very friendly and supported me very well.

My internship placement

After the first applications had been sent off I had some interviews with the firm I am now working for. They have decided to offer me an internship because I would perfectly fit into their team. My studies are in a related field as well.

The Agency is located in the suburbs of Malibu and only 20 minutes away from Los Angeles. It´s the best place to spend six months in a sunny environment and to learn a lot at the same time. Currently I am working the field: Business Development, Production and Creative. 

Living the Californian life

All in all, my life in the US is completely different from my life in Germany. The biggest difference is how people treat each other. Here, everybody is very friendly and it is easy to find new friends. Smiling and greeting people all around and lots of small talk everywhere you go determine your day. Especially in the gym you will get in touch with other sports people and I am already invited to Halloween and Thanksgiving dinners by people I have only known for a short time. 

Endless beaches and Hollywood

Except for the people, the scenery is very nice: sandy, rocky mountains next to endless beaches and palm trees at the sides of the roads. It´s mostly 30 degrees Celsius warm and the the nights are also really mild (even though it´s November!). San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas are not too far apart and it´s definitely worth doing weekend trips to these cities. However Los Angeles offers many free time activities as well. There is Disneyland, the Universal Studios, the Walk of Fame and of course: Hollywood! You will never get bored living in LA.

Shopping in LA is dreamy too. There are giant outlets everywhere that offer everything you can imagine. I was astonished when I first went there. Especially, because they are a lot cheaper than shops in Germany.

How is my internship?

Okay, but now I have only talked about my free time activities and about how much I enjoy living in California. I actually went there to do an internship. And: I like doing it. I am very happy about my team. From the first day on they have been asking me about my opinion, included me in projects and let me deal with clients. That is very nice. As an intern you are therefore not only (actually not at all) responsible for the coffee supply of the team. I like being a valuable member for the company. The team usually has lunch together and after work we sometimes go to the bars. I really like my co-workers, they have been supporting me from the very beginning and helped me find and buy car and rent a flat. At the beginning I lived in a hotel and rented a car, but it is too expensive in the long term. 

Malibu is a very expensive place for living and eating as well (except for junk food). So you really need to put a lot of money into your stay there, but I have not regretted my decision to come here for a single minute since I have arrived. Now I am living in a shared flat with another girl and two guys, we are all getting on super well. Working in the agency as well is better than I could have imagined. 

Why an internship in LA is also worth it

Los Angeles is also a great destination for partying! There are really many clubs and a little tip for the girls: You will get in for free in most of them! Also my English has improved a lot since I have been here. When I came I spoke fluently but now I am like super fluent. I started to dream in English and some of my American colleagues even told me hat they cannot hear that I am not a native. 

To conclude

All in all I can say that this is the time of my life and that I am grateful for every single day I can spend here. I don´t want to sound too enthusiastic about my trip. The visa process took a lot of time and patience but it was worth going through that. In this beautiful environment I have not got homesick yet, but in case I will miss home, there is Skype. So guys, go for it! Apply for an internship abroad and have the time of your life! This experience is invaluable