Communications Internship in an NGO

After two months of fruitless search, I eventually happened to contact Studentsgoabroad. After a few weeks already landed the first two offers from me: A marketing internship at a travel agency and a media and communications internship for an NGO. The choice was easy, because human rights are something that must be protected.

The strong desire the experience something different had already got me since the last year. I wanted to complete an internship abroad, but not a semester abroad, as I was tired of studying. I wanted a change and that’s why the internship should be in an English speaking country. Actually, my search was not really successful, that’s how I happened to cross Studentsgoabroad in the internet. I decided on the possibility to do an internship at an NGO. This way I could gain professional expertise and could really make a difference at the same time. Said and done, I signed the placement contract and arrived in New Zealand a few weeks later. 

After I have arrived in Auckland, I bought a SIM card and was trying to find an accommodation. I took the bus to the inner city and found a good place to stay. The house owner was really friendly and I immediately got along with my roommate. Moreover the flat was clean and the monthly rent was 550 Euro for 12 sqm. Shortly after I had moved in I started my internship. 

The New Zealand subsidiary of this NGO was quite small though. The permanent staff consists of 9 people and they had 7 interns. All employees were friendly and I couldn’t imagine a better working atmosphere. I had a lot or responsibilities and interesting tasks. All interns got along well with each other, too. As I have said, my tasks were really varied: I updated the website, posted news and blogs online, created new pages for the website, kept the contact to press and media and provided information about upcoming events and interview arrangements. As the team found out about my passion for design and film, I was asked to take over these responsibilities. This way I was able to prove in those working fields, that I am interested in. If they would ask me, I would always do this internship again at any time. I could develop on a professional and personal level. The 5 months have passed really fast. However, I had to say “goodbye”. The country is just amazing, the people are unique and the work is challenging. I hope I will have the chance to travel back to Auckland the next 2 years and I hope to be welcomed with open arms.