Home Schooling in a Host Family

My name is Marian, I’m 19 years old I after having finished my school I decided to go abroad before starting my studies. I wanted to do something meaningful and as I already knew at this point that I wanted become a teacher it should be something useful in this field. From the beginning the destination South Africa was set to gain my experiences.

After an extensive research on the internet I finally found Studentsgoabroad. I contacted them, asking for a project in Cape Town, correlating with my wishes. Studentsgoabroad recommended me a project where I would have been needed as a private teacher, supporting a South African host family to educate their children (the younger ones of the seven children in total). All kids of the family were home schooled.

As this offer fitted perfectly into my plans, I applied for being their new teacher and just some weeks later I was already part of the family. Therefore I stayed with my family from the mid of October 2012 until the end of July in 2013, gained lot of experience with teaching children and in particular: immersed myself into the culture of South Africa and Cape Town. The daily lessons for the kids started at 8a.m. practicing various instruments. After 30 or 40 minutes my day began with supporting the kids in different subjects like Mathematics, English, and History: I helped them whenever they had a question or needed assistance with solving any other problems.

Another goal I set myself was looking behind the scenes of a foreign culture – being more than a tourist! I can really tell you that I was successful: getting to know the daily life of Cape Town is way more fascinating as every well-planned guided-tour.

My job as a private teacher has enabled me to meet lots of people; do different trips, for example a trip to Namibia with a friend I’ve met there); experience the unique landscape and just to enjoy my time.

Finally I’d like to tell everyone who has the possibility to realize such a journey: Go for it – don’t miss this adventure!