I am in New Zealand!

I happened to find Studentsgoabroad in the internet and immediately started searching in their database, just like every other student looking for an opportunity abroad. It was out of question that I will choose an English speaking country. I soon contacted the agency and told them about my favourate destination. After I had made my decision to which country I would like to go, I was introduced to Monique, the coordinator in New Zealand. She is a very lovely person and always did her best to find an internship for me. As I am a quite picky person this was certainly not an easy task. Eventually, we decided on a Hop on Hop off bus tour company in New Zealand.

I started my trip at the end of February. I arrived in New Zealand without a settled long term accommodation, mobile phone and bank account. Luckily, it is not that hard to arrange all that on this island. I found an accommodation on my first day, opened a bank account and bought a mobile phone. Too easy, is the local saying. Monique supported me in getting a tax number and in completing the forms. Furthermore, she introduced me to the bus company.

I was warmly welcomed on my first working day at the tour company. After some time that I have already spent in New Zealand, I have to say, that it is a pleasure to work with all the colleagues. I even made a lot of friends and hang out on some parties with them.

Right at the beginning I was sent on a 6-day North Island tour to get to know the product. I experienced a lot of fun during this trip. Accommodation and activities were free for interns. That is why I have done as many things as possible, such as Bungee jumping, caving and speed boat ride, just to name some! Also, I just arrived at the right tide, which made it possible to dog you ownhot spring in the "Hot Water Beach". I even got free bus tours. Therefore, this internship made me see as much of New Zealand as possible! In addition, I got to know the product, which is important for anyone who wants to work in the tourism or marketing sector.

There is still enough time to explore Auckland on the weekend. I had the best experience during Easter where I drove up to the northern end of 90 Mile Beach. I had the chance to get a discount for skydiving and do a bout trip. Anybody who has ever seen pictures of the Bay of Island knows about the stunning view a skydive offers. We were fishing on the boat and did some kajaking at night. It is just an incredible experience to jump out of a boat at a night, which is only lighted by the moonlight and the starry sky.

The internship was really interesting and varied, the supervision really competent and helpful. I was at the liberty to research workflows by my own. Furthermore, I was given an internship manual, which provided all the important information. In general, I could assist in a lot of departments and had the feeling to be a part of the workflow.

Consequently, I never regretted doing an internship with Studentsgoabroad.com. My expectations were even exceeded. At the beginning I had my doubts, if I actually will happen to get to see New Zealand. But the tour company made it possible to explore the island during and after my work, to do the most exciting activities and to meet new friends