Internship at a travel agency in Cape Town

Having arrived in Cape Town a was picked up from the Airport and brought to my host family in the Bo Kap neighbourhood. The drive was very pleasant and I could listen to the first stories about this beautiful country and its history.

Bo Kap is also known for the neighbourhood of the Kapmalayen. This part of Cape Town is mainly inhabited by Muslims, such as my host family. My host family was a very important factor why my stay in Cape Town was so pleasant. They made me feel like home the second I walked into their house. I was immediately treated as a part of their family and they were always eager to make my stay as nice and safe as possible. It was very interesting for me to get to know a new religion and culture. Even now that I am back in Germany we are still in contact and I miss them a lot! 

As soon as you arrive in Cape Town you feel how friendly the citizens are and that they are very welcoming to foreigners. Soon it became a habit of mine to have a little small talk to the cashier at the supermarket or the bus driver. This city is a melting pot and because of the many cultures that come together here you can feel their positive life spirit. You always meet new people that stay in your memory cause of their positive attitude. 

The most fascinating part about my journey was the diversity of this city. You can go to the beach or to the botanical garden for a concert after work. On the weekend you can just relax or have a good work out while hiking one of the many Mountains in Cape Town. My favourite ones are the Lion Head and the Table Mountain. From the Top you have a breath-taking view over the whole city. There are many activities for people who like some action as well. I did a three day Safari trip were I got to see the Big 5 (Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Leopards and Buffalos). The highlight of this tour was a bungee jump off the Bloukransbridge. 

During my time in Cape Town I worked for a travel agency. I booked and organised Daytrips together with my colleagues. I started with smaller assignments to get to know the company and their offers. After a short adjustment period I got many new interesting assignments while doing the job of the current manager. I had to book activities with different hosts and managed and organized the working schedules of our Tour guides. 

To conclude, staying abroad in Cape Town was the best decision of my life. I didn’t regret this journey for a second. The City became a second home for me and I even got used to the African calmness. I learned so many new things during my time and grew in so many ways. I will definitely come back!