Internship "Charity And A Youth Development Agency"

Singapore July - November 2012

I went to Singapore to make an internship at a social organisation for 5 months. The organization is helping youth to succeed. They have in different schools youth workers and counsellors to supportthe students. The team lessons are integrated in the time schedule of the students. During these lessons they learn soft skills like teamwork, confidence and strength and in addition to it, to respect each other. Furthermore the youth worker team works with the whole class from January till December. If there is a bullying issue they also work with the whole class. The team don’t pick out the bullied person; they discuss the problem with the whole class so they don’t label the involvedperson.

Actually I wanted to work in an organisation which is working in the cultural area (music-arts) to learn how to work in the cultural management. But I think this way, to work in a local, social organisation was a better way to learn all the basic ofmanagement, office work, organisation and how to handle different cultures. This was a big challenge during my first days/weeks - the difference between Europe and Asia. The biggest problem was the language, because the Asian people don’t speakthe “real” English language. They mix English, Chinese and Malay,that was the reason why we had at the beginning a few understanding problems. Indeed after getting used to thelanguage I’m now able to speak fluently – with some breaks sure but I’m not scared to speak English.


My tasks at the organization were all very different. I helped with the daily administrative staff in the office. But I was also allowed to organize my own workshop for the students.Furthermore I learned how to prepare a social learning projectfor the students. I prepared, conduct and rework the project. Inaddition I joined - and in the end I also lead - a volunteerinterview, volunteer briefings and I was present at differentvolunteer workshops. Besides I was integrated in the evaluationof our staff. I was responsible for the video recording of their lessons. By the way I had the possibility to be creative. I made posters, prepared slideshows, created new form papers and was the photographer of the showcases. In the end of my internship there was the big conference, organized by my company.

My task was to welcome the participants at the MRT station and to take them to the conference place.In addition all workshop days were successful. The students enjoyed my lessons. They liked my potato salad and also the carnival activity we prepared. At the reflection of the lessons everybody said, that they enjoyed the lesson. One girl said, she just likes to  listen to me. More words I don’t need.This was the greatest feedback I can receive.

Another project was the preparation of a coastal cleanup. It’s a service learning project for thestudents. They should learn that they have to do something for the society. I had to prepare themfor that day on the beach, inform them what they have to do and enlighten them in securitymeasures. My college and I prepared a Power Point presentation with all information, went toschool and make the students ready for their day. On the day itself we just had to look after the students and joined the afterwards reflection. One very good reflection was that one girl said she knows now what the job of a cleaner is like. That’s the result we want to receive.


Summarizing during all my tasks and experience I made, I also learned a lot about myself. I always thought I’m not so good in organization- I am. Due to all the different experience and tasks I was allowed to go through, I am more open minded. My character is now stronger, I know how to handledifficult situation better and have more confidence in what I’m doing. Sometimes I’m not sure if Ican handle something or if I’m good in something. But the time at Singapore taught me I am. I cando and learn different things and I implement all my tasks fast and tidy. I also recognized that I am a very positive girl. Even if I have a problem or other people have troubles, I try to give them a good advice to think positive and try to get the best out of the situation. I also grew with bad situation and that I can always learn of bad experience.In addition I have to say, that I learned not only how a organisation is working but also, and that’s areally good point, the Asian culture. It was a good experience to join a local organisation not an international company. Even they gave me the possibility to travel a lot, to see more of Southeast Asia. They supported me in every situation if good or bad. I had a really good time and enjoyed my internship. BECOME AN INTERN IN SINGAPORE!