Internship in a jewelry design studio in Barcelona

How good is it to live in an awesome place like Barcelona and even gain real life working experience? Magdalena was lucky to land an internship in a jewelry design company in Barcelona. Now, after 2 months abroad we asked her about her tasks and daily life in Spain's charismatic metropolis.

1. Thinking about the time you have been spending here in Barcelona – which three keywords come to your mind first?

Boutiques – Individualists – Catalan

2. What does “typically Barcelona” mean to you?

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan and colourful mixture of people with the most differing lifestyles and the most individual looks. It’s a big city with a great Cultural program, great free time opportunities and tourists keen on experiencing the vivid and modern Metropolis even if only for a weekend.

3. Before your decision to go abroad – which doubts did you have?

Actually I have already been abroad pretty often, for example in China. I did not really have major doubts, I mean, it’s just Europe and life here is similar to life in Germany. I was mainly looking forward to a whole new experience, as I have never lived in Spain.

4. In which company and field are you doing your internship?

I am working at a jewelry designer’s. The shop is very well known all over the world and the clients international. You can find reports about the designers in magazines like “Elle” etc. Sometimes customers come to the shop who have heard about it in New York. It’s great to work so closely with these successful designers.

5. What are your favorite tasks there?

I prefer the creative tasks. I studied product design at University and love to work on the jewellery. It’s a great inspiration to convert the creative ideas of the designers into pieces of Art. I learnt so much about craftsmanship and how the simplest things can look beautiful if you stick them together in the right way. 

6. Do you think your internship will help you to improve your career opportunities and how?

Yes! I learned so much from the designers because I was working so closely with them. I think I want to work independently in the future and design my own jewelry, maybe even open my own shop. Here I could learn how to do that. For me it was therefore extremely helpful for my career.

7. What are your “MUST – DOs” in Barcelona?

Here probably everybody will say “the Sagrada Familia”. But I actually don’t think so. The entrance is far too expensive and the waiting lines in front of it far too long. The real must-Do´s are things you can get for free, things that make Barcelona unique and special. Get lost in its thousands of small alleys, enjoy the beautiful parks, especially Parc Güell and eat cheap Chinese food in the Chinese quarter of Barcelona.

8. Are you taking Spanish lessons? Are there any other opportunities to improve your Spanish?

Yes, as I said, I have been taking Spanish lessons for four weeks. I had learnt Spanish before but could not use it for a few years. When I came to Barcelona I understood nearly everything in Spanish but was not able to express myself. The language course was really helpful to practice talking again. You can really forget about such things. Now I am also talking Spanish at work, that is good too. It becomes quite easy after some time