Interview with intern Markus in Barcelona

10 questions to Markus about his internship in Barcelona: his tasks, every day life and favorite things to do!

1. Thinking about the time you have been spending here – which three keywords come to your mind first?

  • Fun – I got to know very nice and interesting people
  • Warm – The summer in Barcelona can get really hot
  • Environmental – The environmental project opened my eyes

2. What does “typically Spanish” mean to you?

Typically Spanish for me is, being late, being relaxed, not only about punctuality but about like every aspect in life. Disfrutar la vida, right? Spaniards really know how to enjoy life... maybe because of this relaxed approach to... well, everything! Though there are also some things I really do not like, for example the “relaxed” attitude of the waiter in terms of customer service. Sometimes you are sitting in a restaurant waiting to order and the service stuff will just ignore you so that you will have to actively gain their attention. After they have finally accepted your wish to order a beer they are more likely to throw it at you than to serve it kindly and say “enjoy”.

3. In which kind of company and field are you doing your internship?

I am working for a nonprofit organisation. Surfing and yoga events are being set up as well as beach cleaning meetings. It ́s about having fun and doing something good for the planet at the same time. We mainly address young people and surfers especially because lots of events circle around surfing trips etc. This makes it especially fun for me working there as most “clients” are about my age and the team consists of young people too.

Markus' top 5 must do's in Barcelona

1. Going to one of the city beaches like Barceloneta

2. Visit the cervecerias and enjoy cold Spanish beer

3. Have tapas in one of the typical bars

4. Buy beer from the people walking up and down the beach to have a cheap drink while

5. Going for dancing inside the luxurious beach clubs

6. Watch sunriseat the beach climbing on top of a jungle gym

4. What are your favourite tasks there?

Ich mag es am meisten, dass mir die Möglichkeit gegeben wird, eigenständig zu arbeiten. Außerdem habe ich große Verantwortung. Meine Hauptaufgaben liegen in der Nachbereitung der Events, zum Beispiel Fotos veröffentlichen und Beiträge schreiben. Außerdem habe ich kleine Events selbstständig organisieren dürfen. Ich bekomme hier Einblicke in alle Phasen des Eventmanagements.

5. Do you think your internship will help you to improve your career opportunities and how?

Yes, definitely. I am now working in a start-­up. This is super interesting for me because I want to start my own company too. Here I can learn all the basics on how to do that. I can see how the company is being built up.

6. Describe your typical day here!

During the week my alarm clock goes on at 8:20... I usually sleep for 30 minutes more, then go to the office and start working at 9:30. For lunch we always go to the Chinese restaurant nearby and I always order Nr. 30. My working day ends at 6pm and I make my way to the beach to play volleyball or go to one of the beach bars, for a swim etc. and come home late.

7. Are you taking Spanish lessons? Are there any other opportunities to improve your Spanish?

I am not taking Spanish lessons but I have a Spanish girls for an intercambio, well actually I am meeting even two. We are kind of hanging out together and point at things saying the names in English and Spanish. This is a good way for me to learn Spanish because it is more fun than taking lessons and I got to know two very nice girls.

8. Is it easy to meet nice people in Barcelona? Have you made friends easily?

I think for me it was easy because I have moved once for my carreer to a different city, Munich. I learnt how to get to know people and build a circle of friends. Plus, I am a very extroverted person and don ́t have any problem talking to strangers.

9. What will you miss the most when you are back home?

Back in Germany I am sure I am gonna get annoyed of people trying to plan everything and getting totally stressed about realizing all the plans while the rain drops down and makes you wanna stay inside for forever. So I will miss the sun and I will miss the relaxed atmosphere!

10. What was the most enjoyable thing you experienced during your stay?

That was defenitely building an indoboard ourselves at work. You need an indoboard to train your balance for surfing before getting into the water. It was so nice to create something yourself and see an amazing result you can profit from... like from an indoboard. I felt really proud.

Markus' top 4

1. Don ́t carry money in your purse, it might get stolen, best, don ́t carry a purse. I usually put a little bit of money in my cell phone case.

2. Get a Kickboard (like me) or a bycicle to move fast through town. The metro in summer is disgusting, too hot at the station and too cold in the train. You really wanna do anything to be able to avoid it.

3. Eat out! Restaurants and little bars here are cheap and the food is amazing

4. Never be on time, except on your first day of internship ;)