Logistic internship in Tauranga, New Zealand

An internship in Marketing, Sales or Financing usually is the first choice for many students who are looking for an internship abroad. But our intern Britta didn't! She was looking for an internship position in logistics. The internship in the port of Tauranga, that we placed here in, was a perfect fit for her: she not only could apply and extend her knowledge, but also was welcomed by a fresh ocean breeze everyday! 

My internship host company

The company I worked for is a port logistic company and they offer ship loadung, IT solutions and port handling operations. I worked in the operations office which was really interesting. My line manager was the General Manager and I was integrated in the team very well. The employees were all very friendly and professional. I always felt as part of the team and never as “the intern". They treated me really well, helped me wherever they could and the tasks I had to fulfill were absolutely interesting. In the beginning they gave me some interesting input and an introduction, also on safety issues. But the best thing was that they let me be part of their real operations!

So I could perfectly use my previously learned skills and was at the same time introduced into new areas and learned something about the company's' operations and processes.

My internship tasks

At first I just did little tours around the port but later on I was allowed to spend several days out on the wharf, seeing all the machinery in action and observe the operational process! I was even allowed to shadow one employee all day long and to go on board of a log vessel! It was all very new to me but really exciting! In general my tasks were mainly focusing on smaller project works but the biggest one was a project on the process improvement in another port (Napier). This project was about attaching GPS devices on trailers in order to be able to follow their routes and to localize bottlenecks of the current process. I was working very independently and it was something that I had done before in my other jobs (project work, conducting surveys, analysing processes). So I could perfectly use my previously learned skills and was at the same time introduced into new areas and learned something about the company's' operations and processes.

The little things of everyday life that make a stay abroad worth it

Actually I could adapt to the kiwi lifestyle very quickly as I have been in NZ before but I think there are always these little things of everyday life making your stay special and interesting! I stayed at a colleague's house (of whom the company gave me the contact details in advance) which was perfect! I had a very good time there. And in terms of cultural issues and lifestyle I found it incredibly interesting to work at a kiwi company! It was just so amazing to see their work structures and to learn from them. The company was a lot smaller than the company I worked for in Germany but they were so professional and very innovative! That really surprised me!

My conclusion: absolutely advisable experience!

To sum it all up I am very happy with my stay in NZ and I will recommend Studentsgoabroad to other students as well as I would recommend working at this company because they really care about the interns and want them to gain the best out of their internship helping them with their studies and in later work life.

I would like to thank Studentsgoabroad very, very much for the organization of my internship in New Zealand! It was a great experience and I had a very good time abroad. I really appreciated your services. Overall it was just a short time from the 'first contact' to the signed contract. The internship you offered was just the perfect position for me! I was very happy with all the services you provided for me and it was really nice to get into contact with all of you. In my opinion you reminded me and asked me about just the right topics in advance (flight, visa etc.) and helped me with everything in a very good way! So thanks for your services, I was perfectly prepared for my stay abroad.

Thank you for your kind words Britta! :)