Marketing Internship in an Agency in Cape Town

In January 2013 I and my boyfriend started our trip to Cape Town – not without some doubts in mind. After some days I already settled down and felt really comfortable. Jana, the coordinator in Cape Town, has thankfully already organized a flat in the colourful “Bo Kaap” in advance.

The first 2 weeks in Cape Town

Before my internship would start I still had two weeks off so I could settle down using the time to do some organizational stuff. There’s a wide range of things to do in Cape Town: wine-tasting, sunbathing on the beach, diving with sharks, climbing the incredibly beautiful mountains or just having a “braai” (the South African way of grilling – their national sport)….and lots o other things!

The locals are all very friendly and you get to know a lot of different, interesting people not only from South Africa but also from all around the world as Cape Town is a very cosmopolitan and open-minded city.

5 month marketing internship

In the mid of January my internship in a small recruitment and marketing agency was about to start: my colleagues were very friendly from the beginning on and took care of me. Most of the time we spoke English, partly German (since two of my colleagues were Germans as well). My tasks were very varied: I assisted in creating various marketing concepts, wrote a lot of texts and even learned how to program. The atmosphere was really comfortable; we had lots of lunches or other things together.

1 month volunteering in a orphanage in a township

After five adventurous, instructive months in the agency I decided to do voluntary work in a children’s home in Khayelitsha, the biggest township of Cape Town. In the children’s home were 30 kids aged between two weeks and 18 years, orphaned or abused by their parents. On my first day I was welcomed very warm-hearted and friendly by the kids and the mother of the orphanage. The manager of the children’s home is an American guy working honorary: he always picked me up from Cape Town to the orphanage – which was good as it’s not recommendable to take the public transports to Khayelitsha. Most of the time I played games with the kids or painted pictures with them. The little ones didn’t speak English, but Xhosa which made the communication more difficult but not impossible. I also helped with feeding and changing the small children.

A small journey through Lesotho and Mozambique

All in all my voluntary work in the children’s home was an incredibly interesting and shaping experience as everyone was so heartily and happy although there’s so less money the orphanage has to survive. To complete my South African experience I traveled through South Africa and Lesotho with my boyfriend: along the East coast until Mozambique, back to Lesotho. The vegetation of South Africa is so varied: savannas, tropical climate, thorn forest – just can find everything. In the backpackers you always find people willing to join you for any trips. Especially near Mozambique there are lots of national reserves (for example Kruger National Park) where you can go on game drives. Seeing the “Big Five” (elephant, lion, cheetah, buffalo and rhino) in the wild is just amazing! I would definitely recommend to rent an own car.

In the end of our journey we went to Lesotho, one of the most underdeveloped countries of the world. Most of the Sothos are farmers, living on a very low standard. Even the capital city Maseru doesn’t seem like a capital. In terms of scenery Lesotho is wonderfully beautiful. It’s really worth going there.

Cape Town in full of surprises!

My stay in South Africa was awesome. I made some really good friends; I gained a lot of professional & social experience. Therefore students: go abroad. Cape Town is full of magic – go for it.