Marketing internship in Australia

Discover Australia! This is exactly what Viktoria from Germany wanted to do and did during her internship semester in Australia. She went diving in the Great Barrier Reef, saw Koalas and sharks and went camping in the Outback. On top of that, she had a first-class internship in a Marketing agency, where she could apply her theoretical knowledge to practical experience.

How I landed my internship in Sydney

Hi, my name is Vicky, I am 21 years old and a sixth-semester student of media and communication management in Berlin. In the context of my studies I was expected to complete an internship during my fifth semester, meaning from October 2015 until March 2016. Since it had always been my dream to go abroad for a longer period of time, I decided to put this plan into action with my internship. One year in advance I started to research internships in various international cities. However, I quicky realized the difficulty in finding suitable positions that would meet the requirements of my university. Time was eventually running out, but I was unwilling to give up on my dream so I chose to commission an agency to help me find what I was looking for. were able to support me best according to my interests and provided me with very good advice, which is ultimately why I decided on them. One of their dear employees explained to me the pros and cons of possible cities and countries in a personal meeting. During that discussion it became clearer and clearer to me: I had to go to Australia!

I had to go to Australia!

The idea of travelling to Australia had never really occurred to me before, but the more I thought about it, the more alluring it appeared to me: the Australian culture, their easygoing nature, the international diversity, the climate and of course the breathtaking landscape. When I sent my application papers to the team of, they also rechecked all formalities and scanned for mistakes before forwarding any documents.

In only a few days I had my first job interview

Only a few days later I received the first invitation to a skype interview. Naturally, I was extremely nervous and excited for the procedure, but my worries turned out to be uncalled-for in the end. It is probably an Australian characteristic to be open-minded and show interest in their respective counterpart, because that was exactly how the interview went. Already after a few hours I received notice that I had been accepted for the internship in Sydney and without further consideration, I instantly confirmed with my future employer. My boss was caring, sincere and genuinely interested in my well-being; she also sent me useful information in advance, only increasing my anticipation for Australia. The team of then helped me with the remaining organizational matters. By the end of September, without any complications, I sat safely on the plane to Sydney. Of course I was nervous and excited, but at the same time eagerly awaiting everything that the city would have in store for me.

My first days in Australia: beautiful!

After the first few days without family and friends, in an alien city on a completely alien continent, I had adapted to my new surroundings. I instantly took a liking to the people, their manners and their open-mindedness, as well as to the warmer climate and of course the city itself. Seeing the Harbour Bridge and the opera house for the first time, I was so enthusiastic and genuinely happy about having decided to move to Sydney. It is truly beautiful!!

My time in Australia could not have been any better!

How I lived in Sydney

Shortly after my arrival, I started to get to know people and moved into a shared flat with 5 (!) other girsl. At first, I was a bit sceptical since living in a relaxed atmosphere with so many girls seemed very unrealistic to me. However, I was really lucky and my flatmates truly were sweethearts, the complete opposite of what I had feared. In addition, we were an international clique – two girls from Brazil, one from Spain, a French girl, a Vietnamese girl, and me, the German. We got along really well, often cooked meals together and went on trips during our spare time. Speaking English was our only way to communicate, from which we also all profited enormously.

Viktoria's Australia check list:

  • improved my English
  • acquired a lot of technical knowledge
  • for the first time in my professional career actually held responsibility for projects
  • got to meet so many people who have become friends and an important part of my Sydney life
  • have seen as much of the country and its inhabitants as I could possibly see
  • travelled to Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns
  • saw the mountains and the sea
  • went hiking
  • went swimming under a waterfall
  • went diving in the Great Barrier Reef
  • saw kangaroos, koala bears and sharks
  • tried Vegemite
  • went camping in the Outback

My first working day in the Marketing agency

Not long after, it was time for my first day at work at the marketing agency. The agency was located close to the city centre and, even more important, also close to my flat. I immediately felt comfortable in the working atmosphere and my colleagues instantly seemed very likeable. As the days went by, I was presented with more challenging tasks and was expected to take on more responsibility for projects. Since I was in close contact with my boss, she continuously gave me feedback about my performance and always appreciated questions and suggestions. I became an integral part of the team and my colleagues grew into friends. Moreover, the contents of my everyday work were closely linked to my studies, giving me

To conclude: simply breathtaking!

I really have to say that my time in Australia could not have been any better. I have experienced amazingly much and taken all of that back with me to Germany – memories, friendships and knowledge. Even though it might be hard at first to take such a huge step, I can only advise everyone to muster all of their courage and go abroad. No one can ever take this experience from you and it makes you grow, you become wiser and more confident. And above all, you will never forget this time because there is no way it will not take your breath away!!!