Review 2016: Ghana orphanage project

The orphanage project in Ghana was according to out partner organization a real success in 2016. With the help of our volunteers many things could be achieved to improve the lives of the local communities. Here you can read the detailed feedback.

The year 2016 was an inspiring one for volunteers who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children in Africa. Volunteers had an absolutely fantastic time volunteering at our partner orphanages and community child centers at Accra and Ho in Ghana.

The unique aspect of this year’s volunteer placement is that, volunteers had the opportunity to engage in Community Child Support Outreach programs in small towns and villages in Ghana. Aside working in the orphanage, the volunteers had the opportunity to visit homes of poor families to support them with food, clothing, medical supplies and school materials. Many families received financial support towards the funding of their children’s education. Volunteers had a chance to help teach English at our orphanage school which was fantastic. And the rest of the week was focused on children of the afterschool center in Ho. Volunteers spent time on English education via reading books, working on writing in activity books, singing and playing together…it was really fantastic. The children were full of warmth, so dynamic, and so loving! They felt a really strong connection to them and looked forward each day to seeing them again.

Volunteers loved helping the kids…and they really connected with them too! All the activities they did were perfectly suited to their age. 

Lookout 2017

The success achieved this year 2016 has informed us to make our placement more exciting for new coming volunteers. We believe that 2017 will see great redesign or restructuring of our projects to ensure volunteers participate in the orphanage program as well as community child support outreach projects.