Internship in Florida

Sasha spent 6 months for an internship in Florida. "I met wonderful people who are locked in my heart and I can not wait to see them all again! It was a really great experience which unfortunately only lasted a short while."

Internship abroad

I am Sasha and I study Business Administration with focus on Health Management in the 6th semester. During my 5th semester I had to do a 20-weeks internship. Thus, my dream to fly to the US and stay there for 6 months could finally come true.

Anyhow, it was not as easy as I imagined it to be. Finding an internship far away from home without any help is a big challenge. Therefore, I searched the internet for an organisation that could help me organizing my perfect internship. Due to a huge coincidence, I came across Studentsgoabroad and saw that an information evening was planned for the next day. So I went there the next day and found the support which I was looking for. After a short while, I contacted the organisation again and sent them my registration documents. This was the starting day of my mediation process.

The organization

After filling in many documents, I soon got a response from my contact person in Washington who sent me some suggestions of companies that could be appealing according to my data and which were suited to my person and interests. First, I was really frustrated, as I could not find anything appealing. However, the company in which I did my internship, was looking for an intern in the field of IT. My knowledge about IT is only limited and thus did not fit with the expectations of the boss. After the fourth Skype Talk and a lot of patience, I got the confirmation of my internship placement, even though I wasn't the perfect match, I could score with sympathy.

Nevertheless, I could 't avoid the visa application, which was for sure more nerve-racking than anything else. I can only advice everyone who is interested in going abroad, to be very patient! It will be worth it! Looking back after completing my stay abroad on how many nerves this process costed, I can only say that it was worth every grey hair.

My first days

It was not only a different place, but a completely new family. I was lucky enough to be living with my boss. Yes, that’s right, with my boss! Well, many would dread living with their boss, yet I really hit the jackpot! I stayed with a wonderful family and spent the by far best time in my life there! The first days were really new and strange for me as I was confronted with many unknown English words which I have never heard before. However, there was no moment of doubting on me. I knew exactly that within only a few weeks, this big change would become daily life. And thus, it was recongnizable only after a short time how good I integrated into my new life.

Americans and their holidays

As I started my internship on the 21st of October, I was lucky and experienced the full program of American holidays during my stay of six months. On my second weekend, I celebrated my first real Halloween in American style. It was a wonderful, seeing the American who value each holiday. Everyone wore a costume and was walking through the streets asking for treats. Christmas was also a wonderful experience for me. I spent christmas just like in american movies. We walked around the streets and sung christmas songs. We prepared the dinner of course in a traditional way and also had a lot of sweets.

American Lifestyle

There is one thing I am sure of: In America you can find everything! And I do not mean some products or specific brands, I am talking about the people. You can find every type of person and nothing is seen as strange. No one frowns at someone who wears a pyjama in a supermarket or goes to work wearing sports clothes. You can find everything! They are a great people. Their mindset differs a lot of one of others and their behavior towards me was very open. I could make small talk with everyone, was greeted very kind and got to know to many new people.

The company

The main reason for my stay abroad was to learn something in the company. Therefore, I used the time to listen and trying to understand everything. I did a lot of different tasks, such as contacting doctor's offices to conclude new contracts. Furthermore, I compiled diagrams, worked a lot with Excel and created presentations for the meetings. The company in which I did my internship designed a network for hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and more. Thus, I had to contact a lot of doctor's offices and not always reached friendly personnel which showed understanding that I was new in the company.

However, I definitely learned to value the job of secretaries much more and it strengthened my personalityin not reacting sensitively as a result of other people who are in a bad mood. I also had to do tasks such as creating presentations, correcting contacts and compiling documents in English which I enjoyed doing as I am very open and motivated for New skills which I can acquire independently.

My free time

Even though I had a long working day from Monday to Friday, I managed to meet my friends from the same neighborhood to go to a fitness studio. There I burned those calories which were a result of the tasty American food. I spent most of my weekends traveling. I saw a lot during my time in the USA and visited the following cities: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Key West, Orlando, Miami and last I also went to Canada and did some sightseeing in Montreal and Sherbrooke. I had friends almost in every location and visited them. Thus, I traveled every second weekend to another destination and spent my first weekend with my host family.

My conclusion

Last, I can only encourage everyone to make such experiences and I can only say for myself that I spent the best time of my life until know, there. I met wonderful people who are locked in my heart and I can not wait to see them all again! It was a really great experience which unfortunately only lasted a short while. My time passed by and in the end, it felt as if I had just arrived yesterday.

I can only put upon your heart to go abroad and I can only recommend the organization Studentsgoabroad! It was a pleasure to receive this support from the organization and I am happy to have made these experiences. Not to forget: You cannot do something wrong with Florida as internship destination! If you love good weather, a lot of sunshine and want to enjoy a nice beach, you have to go to Florida! Going to work every day in a short-sleeved shirt with great weather is a really positive start in the day. I can say one thing for sure: I never felt better than there! A big thank you to the organization Studentsgoabroad which made this experience possible.