Volunteering in Different Schools in Bali

Let the journey begin 

During my semester break I wanted to do social work. On the one hand to challenge myself and on the other hand to help social disadvantaged children. In my opinion this was just the right time because at the beginning of my studies there was enough time to do this. I also had the same feelings about the first day like Jana. I was tired and wished everything would have better worked out and I would have appreciated more interactions with the volunteers. But I was pleased with the organization for the rest of my stay. 

Adapt to the Balinese habits 

After 5 days I also adopted to the life in Bali. Like Jana said we experienced a lot of things which were different compared to Germany. There were differences in hygiene and also the traffic was totally different as the traffic in Germany. To drive on the left lane was not that difficult for me as I recognized that everybody just drives like he wants and there are no explicit rules. I think a big advantage for me was that I already drove a scooter since I was 15 years old and so I had some scooter experiences. To all the beginners I just can recommend to practice at home a bit if it´s possible. Bali has a lot of different sites Bali is a really beautiful island where you can discover a lot. This was one of my main reasons to come to Bali. One advantage but also a disadvantage is the tourism. On the one hand there are a lot of shops, fast food restaurants and trips you can do, so that you have the feeling of being in vacations but on the other hand they betray you occasionally. Anyway the costs of the standard of living are really low in Bali. 

Happy kids 

I worked in the same school as Jana but my tasks were a bit different. Our welcoming was amazing and I can barely transfer it into words. Especially, in the school which the poorer kids attend. Every day we drove around the corner with our scooters the kids came and took our hands, hold it tight or even kissed them. I think this has to do with the religion. Also the girls of the orphanage were so warmhearted and played with us although we couldn´t understand each other. You experience how thankful they are for every tiny gesture. Every time I played ball with them, they were so happy like kids in Germany would have been at Christmas time. 

Big differences 

The poorest people in Germany are richer than the richest people in Bali. Whereas I think there are worse countries. But what I want to say is that children are so thankful for everything. It is so great to see that our work gives them and their parents so much joy. In the private school I worked with kids around the age of 5 years. I helped them in writing, mathematics and English. This worked out even we had couldn´t understand us really well. The other half of the day I helped the sports teacher during the sports class in the high school or I supported the English teacher in the senior high school. I also made a presentation about Germany. At 11 o´clock I changed to the other school which was not in such good conditions like the other one was. We had less teaching materials and there were 22 children in a room with 22m². In my opinion this school needed us more than the other one. I taught English for 30 minutes every day. Due to the lack of materials I couldn´t do more. Help if you can I hope I could give you deep insights in my life as a volunteer in Bali. It was a great experience and I would do it again if I can. So if you want to help children, just go for it. It doesn´t need to be in Bali, Help is needed all over the world!!! The most important thing is to do something. Besides all the experiences you will get you will also recognize what a high standard of living Germany has. For example I realized that people complain on a very high level but they don´t really know anything about other countries. Even I needed this experience to recognize how good my life in Germany actually is. I have a good education, healthy life, a house and most important my family. I hope I could help with my feedback. To everybody who decides to do volunteer work in Bali: Have a good time and enjoy it!