Volunteering in an orphanage in Karangasem

"The whole orphanage family and the village people grew dear to my heart. In my opinion, it´s hard to find such lovely people somewhere in the world." Tschako was a volunteer in an orphanage in Karangasem, Bali. Here he tells us about his experiences and his daily life with the kids.

First impressions

My trip started with a punctual airport pick-up and a short visit to the Baliinternships office. After that they drove another volunteer and me to the orphanage. I slept to whole drive but everything was really perfect. As we arrived at the orphanage, Laura and Angi, introduced us to the 15 children and Tina, the mother of the orphanage. Then they showed us our accommodation which was directly next to the orphanage. For me this meant a very good start. Mainly my work tasks were: helping with cooking, doing the laundry, working in the garden, cutting banana and papaya leafs, feeding the chickens, bringing and fetching the kids from school or to teach them english or mathematics. But you have to show that you want to work because Balinese people sometimes too shy to ask for help.

My big challenge

For the next 2 months I decided to work in the big garden. I dug with a shovel and a spade almost 40 holes which were 1 meter wide and 1, 5 meter deep, so new papaya and banana trees could be planted. After that I filled the holes with a mix of cow dung, ash and greenery to have a good growing basis for the trees. Moreover I fetched every day 2 kids with the scooter from school after I had eaten lunch. Delicious food The food in the orphanage was fantastic. Every morning we could eat fresh papaya and fried bananas from the garden. For lunch we got rice with different sorts of vegetables which I had never seen before and additional we could choose between chicken, fish or tofu. For dinner we also had rice and all the delicious things. By the way I never had problems with the Indonesian cuisine although the food is really different compared to German food. During my stay we ate at all the warungs in our neighborhood. The meals were really cheap. The price was about 70 cents to 1,50 €. Exploring Bali In our leisure time we went to Amed for snorkeling, to Klungkung for rafting or to Kuta for surfing. Moreover we went often to the student house in Balangan for spending our leisure time with other volunteers. Another weekend we went together with 12 people to Nusa Lembongan. You could say that we made holidays from holidays. During snorkeling we saw a lot of great things. For example a manta ray just swam next to us. The best thing you can do is to take your scooter and drive around this amazing island.

They call me "Made Checko"

All in all the 2 months in Bali were really relaxing and taught me a lot. Now I appreciate my good life in Germany with all its benefits.

The whole orphanage family and the village people grew dear to my heart. In my opinion, it´s hard to find such lovely people somewhere in the world.

My time passed by so fast and I still can´t believe that I will leave Bali in 4 days to go home to Germany. After all I was so integrated into the village that I had my own Balinese name “Made Checko”. Take your time My hint for your stay: Take all the time you have for such an experience so you can be a real part of it because time really passes by so fast. If you want to get deep insights in the balinese life you should involve yourself in the daily life of the local people. Have a good time!