How to really celebrate Christmas in Bali?

Christmas just isn’t the same on Bali. You always feel that something is missing. You won’t find your typical cookies, eggnog, music and not to mention a real Christmas tree. So our volunteers Nadia and Jessica sparked our Christmas spirit with their wonderful performance starring the children from a local preschool in Nusa Dua. The celebration was held at the church of Nusa Dua.

It was great to see these small children present their version of the Christmas story, simply a feast for the eyes, and the best gift we could ask for. Then they went all out and prepared a traditional Balinese meal, Nasi Ayam with fresh watermelon and cake for all invited guests.

And that was not all! Thanks to the fundraiser, which Nadia and Jessica had previously held, Santa Claus was able to make an appearance and had a gift for each child. Sweets, printed towels and much more! There was a little something for not only all the school children, but also for each of the orphans who were visiting. Another sign of generosity from those who contributed.

A veritable celebration!

Many, many thanks Nadia and Jessica!