FAQs Internship in Argentina

1. Will I get paid for my internship in Argentina?

Internships are generally unpaid. There is a possibility to do a paid internship on a special Visa. 

2. When do I have to apply?

The application for an internship should reach us 3 months before your planned internship start at the latest.  One has to estimate about 8 weeks for the search of a matching internship position. If you only want to do a language course please send in the application form 3 weeks before course begin at the latest.

3. How about the temperatures and the climate?

Argentina combines all climes: from the dry and hot north to the cooler south. Buenos Aires is in the temperate zone. January is the hottest month with ordinary 24 degrees and July is the coolest with 10.5 degrees. The last snow fell in 1918 and July 2007. The most rain fall is in the month of March and the least in July.

Protection against the sun is absolutely necessary no matter where in Argentina you are.

4. Is Argentina a safe place to travel to?

Argentina is a safe country and you will be welcomed friendly and warm-heatedly. Nevertheless, there is crime in Buenos Aires like in any other big city in the world. Therefore we strongly recommend to watch your valuables and to not withdraw money in the middle of the night in a dark alley.

5. Where can I get help in case of problems?

In case of questions or problems during your stay our team in Argentina will be happy to help you.

6. Can I get my familiar, over the counter drugs in Argentina?

You should take a sufficient amount of medication with you as they are not covered by health insurance. Prescription drugs have to be transported in a sealed package and need to be explained in a doctor's notice in English.

7. Can I use my electrical devices in Argentina?

Electrical household appliances, radios or razors can be used without any problems in Argentina. Voltage is 220 V. However, there are often different sockets, so you should take respective adaptors. But more and more Euro-sockets are being used.

8. Do I need special vaccination?

No. There are no compulsory vaccination laws for Argentina. You should, however, get all vaccination shots, respectively refresh, the usual vaccinations (e.g. Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus). A Hepatitis vaccination shot is also recommended. In any case, you should definitely get a check up at your doctor's before you leave.  If you should have planned a stop in one of the other countries of the region you need to find out about possible necessary vaccination and entry requirements.

9. What if I spontaneously decide to extent my stay?

Changes regarding flight dates (but not of departure or destination cities) are generally possible.  You can rebook your flight at the local airline office for a fee, of course, depending on the available seats on your desired date. In principle, you should rebook your flight as early as possible.  The flight ticket is valid for 12 months, which means that you have to land in Germany on the last day of its validity. A further extension is not possible. If you want to make longer stops in other countries on your flight path, the time you spend there will be deducted from your stay in Argentina. Because return flights cannot be booked 12 months in advance, you might need to rebook your return flight once for a fee in Argentina.

10. How will I find accommodation?

Studentsgoabroad.com has many contacts to several lodges, guest houses and flat sharing communities. If required we will also find you a flat. No matter if a room or a whole flat, all our arranged accommodations are fully furnished. Depending on your wishes we can arrange accommodation in the center or in other areas like Palermo or San Telmo.  We will offer you various places. Of course, the decision which flat or room you take is completely up to you. It usually takes between one to three weeks to arrange accommodation.

11. Can I withdraw money in Argentina?

You can withdraw money without any problem in Argentina. You will find ATM machines  (Banelco or Link) all over the country. The average transaction fee from a German account is between 0 and 5 EUR. It is best if you inform yourself about the exact fees at your bank. It is almost impossible to open an Argentinean bank account for a limited amount of time.

12. Do I have to have health insurance for the duration of my internship?

You have to have international health insurance for the duration of your stay in Argentina.

13. Can I use my mobile phone in Argentina?

Of course. But you need to make sure that your mobile phone supports the 1900 network. You can get a prepaid card at the provider (we recommend: "Personal") with your address and passport number.

- Country code Argentina: 0054

14. What are the living costs?

Wherever you are, costs of living are highly depending on your life style. Nevertheless in Buenos Aires they are lower than in most of European big cities. Especially the restaurants are very good and cheap. The average costs of living are about 600 Euros per month.

15. Can I take the bus to work?

Public transport in Buenos Aires is very developed. There are bus stops at every second corner.  Furthermore there is an underground system. Of course, you cannot compare it to the one in Paris, but it covers most parts of the city center. A bus ride is 80 Centavos a subway ride costs 70 Centavos. We advise against night rides.

Taxis: Next to buses and the underground there are of course the usual taxis in Buenos Aires. Please pay attention to take a so called Radio taxi, because the risk of robberies is high with the others. Order a taxi over the phone at nights.   3 km cost about 12 Pesos.

16. What leisure activities are there in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is rated among the most beautiful cities of the world and offers manifold leisure activities due to its unique location.

The city offers various shopping opportunities. There are a lot of galleries and museums for people interested in arts and culture. Buenos Aires is next to Berlin and Montreal a so called UNESCO "City of Design and offers a lot of opportunities to just  stroll and enjoy as well. Sports people will have their fun, too: horse riding, swimming, tennis, golf, polo, kite surfing, windsurfing - actually there is everything what a sportsman desires in Buenos Aires.  You can find more information about Argentina on the following links: