Visa preparation for Indonesia

Social Cultural Visa

To enter Indonesia to participate in an internship or a volunteer project you need to apply for a social visa. This so-called "Social Budaya" visa has to be applied for at before your flight to Indonesia. Please consider about 1 month for the application process. Entering Indonesia without valid social visa you may be granted a holiday stay in Indonesia, but you must not participate in the internship or volunteer project.

The difference to a normal tourist visa is that you will need an invitation letter from your host company or project in Indonesia. Your program coordinator in Indonesia will organize the invitation letter for you. Further documents you will need to apply for you visa for Indonesia are:  

  • invitation letter (organized by your program coordinator)
  • Identity card of the inviting person (organized by your program coordinator)
  • visa fee
  • valid passport
  • return flight ticket

Fast Facts

  • We support you with applying for the so called "Social Visa" which is issued for 60 days
  • The visa must be extended in Indonesia every 30 days, up to for times for a maximum stay of 6 months
  • Fees for the first application are 50 USD.
  • Each extension costs about 60 USD and must not be missed. In case of an overstay you have to pay a penalty of 25 USD each day. An overstay for up to 3 days is usually ok and you simply pay the fee at the immigration at the airport before your flight. Longer overstays may result in deportation!
  • Your program coordinator assists you with extending your Visa in Indonesia!