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We offer placement in various internship fields. If you cannot find your desired internship field, get advice from our internship expert team! We know in which countries internships in your desired field are possible.

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Marketing internship abroad

A Marketing internship abroad is the perfect opportunity to embrace new creative ideas, become independent and implement your own ideas during an internship abroad.

Marketing internship

Mechanical engineering

As an intern in an engineering company you have the chance to be at the forefront of technology. Use this opportunity to test your theoretical knowledge in a practical way.

Mechanical Engineering

Physiotherapy internship abroad

During an internship in a clinic or hospital abroad you have the chance to get acquainted with new treatments and methods of health promotion.

Physiotherapy internship

Architecture internship abroad

As a soon-to-be architect, the best thing about travelling is to be in close proximity to the designs and structures of exotic cultures and destinations that you have only heard of from Google before.

Architecture internship

Sports internship abroad

Living abroad will give you the chance to closely experience the sports culture of other countries and give you the chance to spread your positive message to the communities abroad. 

Sports internship

Water sports internship

Expand your horizon and try out new water sports that are not accessible in your home country due to regional conditions: surfing, kite surfing, PADI diving and many more.

Water sports internship

Medical internship abroad

What makes a Medical internship abroad so valuable, is that you will have to be able to work in a totally new setting: different equipment, health awareness and traditional medicine.

Medical internship