FAQ – Internships in Australia

1. Do I get paid for my internship in Australia?

In general, the internships are unpaid but stipend is often provided depending on your home university.

2. When do I have to apply?

We should receive your application for an internship 2-3 months prior to your planned departure date at the latest. We estimate a time period of approx. 8 weeks to find the appropriate internship for you.

3. Are there scholarships?

There are research scholarships for European Students, e.g. the Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship (OPRS), apart from the local ones. Other financial aid or scholarships are granted by the universities or other organizations like Rotary or other foundations.

4. What about the temperatures and the climate?

Most people would think that there is only hot summer weather in Australia. But Australia's weather is in fact rather diverse. Students who are trying to figure out in what region to study should remember that the further north, the hotter, the further south, the cooler it gets. Nevertheless, sun protection is absolutely necessary, no matter where in Australia you are.

5. Is Australia a safe travel destination?

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world and you will be welcomed with open arms.

6. Where can I go in case of problems?

In case of questions or problems during your stay in Australia, our local contact is available at any time.

7. Can I get my accustomed prescription drugs in Australia?

You should take a sufficient amount of medication as these are not covered by health insurance. Prescription drugs need to be transported in sealed packages and need to be explained in a doctor's note in English.

8. Can I use my electrical devices in Australia?

Electrical home appliances, radios or shavers can be used without problems in Australia. Voltage in Australia is 240 V. There are different power outlets so that you need to bring respective adapters.

9. Do I need special vaccination for Australia?

No, there are no required vaccinations for Australia. You should, however, have all vaccinations, or have them refreshed, that you also need in Europe (e.g. Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus etc.). You should nevertheless go to your doctor and get a check before your departure. If you have planned a stop in Asia or Africa you need to find out about the respective vaccination and entry requirements in advance.

10. What if I spontaneously decide to shorten or extend my stay?

In general, you can change your flight dates (but not departure or destinations) without problems. You can change your flight directly with the airline on location for a fee. Of course, it depends on the amount of seats still available on your desired date. You should change your reservations as soon as possible, of course. The ticket is valid for 12 months, which means you have to be back in your home country on its last valid day. Another extension is not possible. If you are planning to stop for a longer time in other countries, the time you are spending there will be deducted from the time you can spend in Australia. 

11. When will I receive the Internship Agreement?

The average time to find an internship in Australia is approx. 8 weeks. However, if you apply many months in advance, then there may be some delay as companies can be hesitant to consider interns too far in advance.

12. How do I find accommodation?

StudentsGoAbroad is working closely together with Host Families, Lodges, Guesthouses and flat share communities. No matter whether a room or a whole flat, the accommodation we organize are fully furnished. Depending on your wishes, we can organize accommodation in the city as well as in the suburbs. Organizing an accommodation usually takes between 1 to 3 weeks.

In case you would like to search for an accommodation on your own, we recommend to stay in a Hostel for the first days and check the rooms in person. Please do not transfer any money before arrival.

13. Do I need an insurance to do an internship in Australia?

It is important to have a health insurance and personal liability after you have been arranged an internship in Australia. But this is not as hard as it seems to be, as our partner offers an insurance for 20 AUD per week. Just request some information about the insurance offered during your application process.