Internship in Bali

The thousands of temples, the good surf or the film "Eat, Pray, Love". Whatever has seized your attention to complete an internship in Bali, it’s all justified! You want the whole package of Bali, with everything that makes life on the island - yellow rice for breakfast for 30 cents, rides through evergreen rice fields, lukewarm nights on the beach, mosquito bites and a decent sunburn - “Hey, I was on an island”. Bring it on! We give you complete insider tips to prepare you for your stay abroad in Bali, helping to make a memorable time and bring you closer to the daily Indonesian life.

Top 5 Host Companies

  • Green Architecture Design
  • Green Engineering Consulting
  • Spa’s and resorts
  • Fashion (garment, shoes, accessories)
  • Event producer

Hot Facts

  • Internships staring from 4 weeks
  • Professional internships
  • Various internship branches

Which companies in Bali offer an internship?

Some small and medium-sized enterprises have settled in Bali, mostly as an offshoot of major international companies. Such companies are, for example, from the surf industry or in the export industry. However, these are not the industries where most interns complete their training on Bali. Small local companies offer especially interesting experiences and much better conditions for an internship!

Of course, for all companies basic English skills are required. However, it is always a plus to take a casual Indonesian language course.

Why would an internship with a small business be recommended?

  • Small team and manageable corporate hierarchy: Your ideas and work matter! They will have a direct effect on the companies goals.
  • Better team atmosphere: You become like a family! You’ll be having lunch with your colleagues and boss. Maybe even time for a little lunch/surf to recharge your motivation and get ideas? This can sometimes work wonders!
  • Small projects: You are assigned small projects to complete on your own, with which you identify better than in large projects where you are "only" one of many. Moreover, there is a greater chance that will successfully complete your projects before the end of your internship. This gives you the chance to learn a lot more about successful project management.

Conclusion: An internship in a small company gives you the opportunity to identify much more with your responsibilities. 

Bali for Beginners

Understanding Bali. You've never been here before? Then we give you our top 8 of “The typical Bali" list, so you can prepare for the worst:

  • Between December and March is the rainy season and it rains! But not all day. It rains mostly in the afternoon and at night. Nevertheless, always keep a raincoat ready in your scooter.
  • Rice, rice, rice. This will be your diet for the next few weeks. But do not worry, the variations and side dishes are so endless that within a month you may only be tempted by the Italian restaurant once.
  • Does your stomach growl on the way to work? Save yourself the effort of preparing expensive toast and jam. En route to your internship you will pass by at least 10 street vendors, selling rice with vegetables packed in banana leaves. Never before has 30 cents been so tasty and filling.
  • No spoon available? Wash up and eat with your hand...with the right hand only! Here’s how: build a heap of rice on the plate, scoop up a bite with the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers, spoon it into the mouth and push off the fingers with your thumb. But please do not move too far from the plate – the first attempts are bumpy.
  • On the scooter, get set, go! For those who want flexibility during their internship in Indonesia and to save money on taxis, must make friends with the motorized two-wheeler and the left-hand traffic. But fear not, the panic attacks quickly fade after the second or third test drive. And believe it or not, being a beginner makes it even more fun. But please wear a helmet!
  • Traffic is an everyday occurrence. But fortunately you are among those who are driving slowly but surely, passing the annoyed travelers in taxis. Scooters have their own invisible road and are somehow always ahead of the game.
  • If the fuel gauge lights up in warning, but you're not worried, then you've already adjusted well to Bali life. You are are confident that the next petrol bottle is no more than 5-minutes away.
  • In Bali everything goes a little slow, especially in terms of governmental or other bureaucratic services. The Balinese have no need to rush. Everything needs it's time. On the contrary, lining up is overrated when you want pay at checkout, suddenly everything has to be fast. Generally speaking, Balinese, or most Indonesians, are prone to queue-jumping!

Plastic bag, No Thanks!

Development is one thing that isn’t moving slowly on Bali. Commercialization and tourism have rapidly expanded in the south and the inhabitants have difficulty keeping up with the pace. Behaviors that they have held for centuries, are transferred into the modern era. The once commonly used baskets are being replaced by plastic bags, leaving ceremonies, rather than piles of flowers and leaves, you find a carpet of plastic drink containers and bags of chips. Garbage is a vexed issue in Bali, not only because it deters tourists, but because it upsets the ecosystem tremendously in and around Bali. We teach all our interns: say no to plastic bags! Upon arrival in Bali you will receive a practical fabric bag. Stow it in your scooter, so you have it ready for all purchases. You'll be amazed - unfortunately - at how often you will have to say "no thanks, no plastic bag"!