Internship in Bali: Accommodation

There are several ways to stay in Bali. The most expensive option would be a furnished villa. These can be shared with multiple people. Villas for rent are offered everywhere in Bali. Furthermore, there is also the possibility to search for kost. Kosts are several one-bedroom apartments in a residential complex. Here you have the opportunity to live in the premises and to experience life a little better. Often includes a room a small bathroom, mattress and a small cabinet. The prices are very different. Starting at 600.000, - Rp for an unfurnished room and up.

A cheap price for a room with bathroom, mattresses and fan, for example, would be Rp 1 million for a month.

Nature lovers can also live in small rooms directly on the beach and with a host family for those who want to participate directly in the island life.Usually the best way, if you have a little time to wonder through on-site and the longer the stay, the better you can negotiate on the price.