Accommodation in Spain

Living in a shared flat

Shared-flats are very common in Spain and usually the first choice of our interns. You usually share your flat with international students and globetrotters and get the right connection to Barcelona's young scene straight away. You will live in your own private room and have access to a shared bathroom and kitchen. The rooms are usually quite small and have a small rear window. We recommend to have a look at the rooms directly in Barcelona, rather than trusting pictures online.

Prices vary heavily, depending on the size of the room or the neighborhood. Barcelona, for example, has rooms from 270€ on but most of the rooms are more expensive. 

Our tip:

If you would like to look for rooms by yourself, we recommend you to travel to Spain some days earlier than the start of your internship and book in a few nights in a central hostel first. This gives you the opportunity to make appointments for apartment viewings. Usually rooms in shared flats are available on short notice and are also taken very fast. To make an early reservation from home is impossible. Also, if you check the rooms personally you can straight away see if you feel comfortable and you can get to know your future roommates.

From the very first day the city felt like home to me. It was really good that I came to Barcelona a view days before the internship had started so that I could sort out where I wanted to live, how to get to my working place, get to know some people etc. I found a flat which was perfect for me! I lived with people from all over the world, Spain, England, France. I appreciated this a lot and I got on with all of them very well.

– Katharina, intern in Barcelona

My actual stay abroad began when I moved into a student house. The people I met there came from all over the world and welcomed me very friendly. The flat was furnished very colorful and was located directly in the center. I was easily reaching the beach and my work place with the public transport and could walk to shopping locations, bars, restaurants and clubs.

– Franziska, intern in Valencia

Living with a host family

If you are more the host family kind of type, our coordinator in Barcelona and Valencia can check those options for you. Obviously, the main benefit is the direct contact to the Spanish language through everyday conversation. In addition, you have the chance to learn about some old traditions, which are kept and transmitted by the elderly people.