Internship in Germany

You will strongly benefit from an internship in Germany and boost your international business career. Choose from high quality internships in various branches. Work in a professional environment and best practice business culture. All internships will be bilingual, allowing you to communicate in English and learn German. Experience a young German culture outside your office doors.

Fast Facts


From 8 Weeks

Many of our internships in Germany are available with a minimum duration of 8 weeks.


Professional Internships

Professional practical experience that encourages your personal development and spices up your CV.



The internships in Germany fulfill all requirements to be able to be acknowledged as a mandatory university internship.



The internships are located in Germany's capital Berlin.

You may ask why Berlin?

Berlin is not only a great city business wise. but it has also been the setting for important milestones of German history. In some places history seems to be alive. For those who are not interested in history at all, Berlin can be a paradise for shopping or if you are an arts fanatic, there are countless museums and galleries; there are even several parks and green spots for nature lovers. 

Basically, Berlin offers it all! No matter what you expect, you won't get disappointed!

Internship Guide Germany

We love Berlin, and so will you.

Germany offers a variety of things to do and see. Flat coastal line in the north with North and Baltic sea, mountains in the south. Explore the famous Black Forest and the Allgäu, go hiking in the Harz, the Alps and the Ore Mountains and enjoy the awesome winter sport areas to go snowboarding or skiing. Germany´s great transport system makes it easy, quick and cheap to explore it from one end to another. There is also a great car sharing community, making it even cheaper and more social to find your way around. Even weekend trips to other European metropolis like Pairs, Barcelona or Rome are easy and inexpensive accessible from Germany.

BERLIN: Germany´s pounding heart

Berlin is an international melting pot, with everything you could imagine, from food to art, party to markets. Everyday there is something happening, making it super easy to meet all sorts of people. The typical "Berliner" is lovely, straight forward, open minded and chatty.

Berlin is home to numerous internationally successful businesses. Being such a large and multifaceted city you will have plenty of opportunities to gain exactly the work experience you are looking for. Berlin is not just a great city for adding to your bucket list but it will also make you stand out to future employers having this experience in your CV.

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