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Many of our internships in the Dominican Republic are available with a minimum duration of 2 weeks.

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Gain professional experience and develop your own personality during a stay in the Dominican Republic.

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Some of the internships in the Dominican Republic are job-specific internships that can be acknowledged as mandatory internship.


The internships are located on the peninsula Samaná, in the northeast of the Dominican Republic.

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Top Internship Branches in the Dominican Republic

  • Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Public Relations
  • Medicine
  • Environmental Protection
  • Animal Welfare
  • Journalism

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Life in the Caribbean

The Caribbean islands are a truly unique destination, with their colorful houses, long stretch beaches, green hills and, above all, its friendly and relaxed residents. Punctuality and reliability are not so important here as their lifestyle accurately portrays living in the moment. Commonly used, 'ahorita' (now), is an ambiguous term as it can express a period of time from “this instant” to “maybe never”. The lifestyle on the islands is extremely relaxed and all visitors get used to it, just like that! In our know before you go section we give more helpful tips how to get along in the Caribbean and how to prepare for your internship in the Dominican Republic.

Internship Guide Dominican Republic


Discover the Dominican Republic

„The most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen“.

This is what Columbus apparently said in 1492 when he first landed on the beach of Hispaniola.

What do you associate with the Dominican Republic, aside from a Caribbean paradise with approximately 80F water temperatures and an average of 8 hours of sun a day? Do you think of rum, cigars, sugar cane and coffee? Exotic fruits and good food with plenty of fresh fish? This is a precise description of the Dominican Republic! The island is a real eye-catcher in every respect, a true experience. During your internship in the Dominican Republic you will surely find ample opportunity to discover this wonderful corner of the world. The seaside has countless swimming, diving and surfing opportunities and adventure awaits you inland where you can explore mountains, waterfalls and pirate caves.


Whether Merengue, Bachata or Salsa – the Dominicans love music and dancing. Often by evening the Car Wash has turned into a club where known Merengue and Salsa artists perform. Even in the early hours of the day it is not unusual to find them grooving to their music while scrubbing the car over a beer. During the entire month of February they celebrate a large carnival and this is indeed an incredible experience. The Dominicans wear elaborate masks and shrill costumes and take part in numerous street parades. Especially splendid is the famous carnival in La Vega. Of course, the carnival is only one of many reasons to pack for an internship in the Dominican Republic.

Can’t make it in February for the carnival? No worries, perhaps August works for you? The Dominicans are such great fans of carnival that they celebrate twice a year!

The Most Loyal Visitors to the Island

What a unique spectacle! Every year hundreds of migrating humpback whales pass through the bay of Samana Peninsula. Here they spend their breeding season from mid-January to mid-March. During this time it is typical to hear the whales song as the males flirt with the females. Their babies are born here and given some time to gain strength and fatten up before they make their long journey through cold waters to the Arctic. These lively whales are 13 feet long on average and weigh about 30-40 tons. These impressive giants are an endangered species and can best be seen by a boat tour along the coast. You are very lucky if you get the opportunity to see one of these special mammals breach and jump! What a splash they make!

Whales aren't the only spectacular creature that the Caribbean has to offer you nature lovers. You will have the opportunity to admire a large variety of exotic animals. In the Dominican Republic you can also go on special Dolphin Safaris and observe these friendly animals up close as they make merry leaps out of the water or surf in the waves. On land you can explore among colorful parrots, clumsy pelicans and the magnificent frigatebird. Get ready to enjoy the many colors of the Caribbean!

The Downsides to the Sunny Caribbean Island

Behind the pompous hotel complexes located in this beautiful vacation paradise one can find the downsides under which the population is suffering. We are talking about poverty, missing education and the destruction of the wonderful flora and fauna. In addition to the various internship positions we also offer volunteer projects in the Dominican Republic. Those interested will find the opportunity to engage themselves in various fields. Help combat social, ecological and economic ills.

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