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Many of our internships in Ecuador are available with a minimum duration of 4 weeks.

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The internships in Ecuador offer all prerequisites to be able to be acknowledged as a mandatory internship.


The internships are located in Quito and Purto Lopez.

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Top Internship Branches in Ecuador

  • Physiotherapy
  • IT
  • Renewable Energy
  • Public Relations

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Internship in Quito

If you want to get a professional internship in Ecuador, you should opt for an internship in Quito, Ecuador’s capital. Quito is the second largest city in Ecuador, many small and medium sized companies are operating from Quito and offer interesting internships in many different areas of work. These include professional internships in tourism, journalism, social media marketing or IT. Of course, your English language skills are of great relevance to the host companies; However, basic knowledge in Spanish is a must in order to communicate with your colleagues.

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Our tip: internship in the social sector

Ecuador is particularly popular for volunteering in the medical sector. The need for motivated helpers in this field in great! But is it really possible to help in a kindergarten, an old people’s home or a hospital as an intern? Definitely! All volunteer projects in Ecuador can also be acknowledged as a professional internship. This allows you to work for local communities or non-profit institutions and gaining insight into the working world of another country at the same time. As part of your business management studies, you will travel to Quito for an internship in a kindergarten and besides the work on the website, the social media channels and fundraising activities, you will take care of the children. Get out of your office chair and dive into the culture and warmth of Ecuador!

Internship in a hospital

Many hospitals in Quito offer medical internships for medical students, as it usually requires prior experience to not only observe what the doctors are doing but also to assist them actively. The knowledge you will gain during the internship abroad in Ecuador is worth a lot for your future work as a doctor! The hospitals in Quito are by far not as well equipped as the ones you are used to. As a doctor in Ecuador, you must be able to assess a patient’s disease without ultrasound, X-rays or any other means of technical support.

But I also wanted to experience the medical system in Ecuador again now from another perspective after having studied medicine and having worked as a doctor in Australia for a few years. Of course one of my goals was also to support the local doctors in the pretty busy and overcrowded hospitals.

Daniel about his internship in a hospital in Quito

How much Spanish is required?

Learning the new language, Spanish, is an essential point during your travel preparations for your stay in Ecuador. In Ecuador, one speaks Spanish, as you are probably aware of. Without any basic knowledge in Spanish, it is hard to survive for 3, 4 or 6 month. But how much Spanish is really necessary to master the internship with flying colors? With a look at the testimonials of former volunteers and interns in Ecuador, we find that basic knowledge is sufficient for the beginning of your stay. This means introducing yourself, asking for the way and some basic small-talk shouldn’t be any problem for you. As soon as you are in the country “learning by doing” should be your motto. In your host family, your host company and with friends – always try to communicate in Spanish! If you are unable to spare time prior to your trip to learn Spanish, you should take part in an intensive Spanish course in Quito prior to your internship. This will bring your level from “Zero to Hero”!

Accommodation in Ecuador

The internship itself is already a special cultural experience but the accommodation in a real Ecuadorian family will be an extra highlight! The host families in Quito and the Galápagos Islands have years of experience in dealing with volunteers and interns. You won’t be the only guest in the host family which allows you to meet other travelers with whom you can explore Ecuador. In case you prefer to stay by yourself, you can also look for other accommodation in Ecuador. Your program coordinator will assist you with this.

Internship in Quito with a familiar touch!

If possible, the project coordinator in Ecuador will host the volunteers and interns in her own house. Right after your landing in Ecuador, Laura will welcome you and introduce you to the South American culture. So there will be a family atmosphere right from the beginning and you will be mostly prevented from a real cultural shock! This makes Ecuador a perfect destination for all South American beginners!

Surfing and snorkeling after work

For all globetrotters who ride the waves all around the world: Ecuador has a lot of great surf spots, which are just about an hour drive from Quito. Canoa, La Bellaca, Casablanca are just a few of the famous spots, where all year round waves are constantly breaking. And the best thing: you don’t have to freeze while surfing! The Panama current provides water temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. For all those who prefer to stay on solid ground, you should try at least some snorkeling. Especially on the Galápagos Islands, which are a marine sanctuary, you can discover a truly breathtaking underwater world.

Combine adventure and career: Internship on the Galápagos Island

You don’t have to be a biologist to know why the Galápagos islands are a very special destination not only for many South American travelers but especially for an internship abroad in Ecuador! Only about 200 years ago, the Galápagis island were still completely uninhabited; only a Charles Darwin liked to wander through the rain forests and beaches to get inspired by the biodiversity in order to develop his evolutionary theory. Today it’s still for the same reason a great place for an internship abroad. Especially when you are not the biggest fan of architecture, parks, shopping and the hustle and bustle of big cities, you should dare yourself! The Galápagos Islands are a huge national park and marine sanctuary, which provides internships in for environmental and animal protection. Social internships are also a great opportunity on the Galápagos Islands, as the communities that live in such a remote area have only limited access to social or medical facilities. Complete your internship as teacher in Santa Cruz or support social organizations offering art and advanced education trainings in La Isabella.

"I regularly assisted the dancing, acrobatic or theater group which meant to teach the children songs, games or dances while talking and playing a lot with them. [...] I learned how to handle a “Tela”, how to do a proper cartwheel and handstand. I enlarged my dancing repertoire and also learned catchy Spanish tunes for children which I could not get rid of."

– Catharina on La Isabella, Galápagos

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